FrEEday Vol 65

Posted by Chris Nitz on November 4th, 2011

Get ready to survive a long fall down a dangerous shaft. This is not a descent for the weak of heart as players will need to make use of moving platforms to break their downward spiral into darkness. The key is to not miss these platforms and fall off the screen or it is game over. Also, the sky is falling so it will take quick reactions to survive over the long haul to safety.

Grabby Crabby:
Dastardly evil pirates have taken PinPincha's father hostage and this cannot stand. To rescue the kidnapped father, players need to follow a trail of coins that are leaking from a pirate ship. Catching these coins allows recruiting of powerful allies to aid in this daring rescue mission. There are five different characters, all with their own unique abilities, to utilize in this task. The alternate endings will help in bringing people back for yet another romp along the ocean.

Dark Dot:
Dark Dot is a fun little shooter game with a unique twist. Players control dark dots as they engage the enemy, but these dots maybe formed into just about any shape imaginable. Simply draw any shape in a single stroke and watch as the dotty minions fall into formation, which can then be manipulated in both size and orientation. The excitement keeps going with the ability to revive fallen foes and unleashing super attacks. This is a war won with strategy and imagination.

Assassin's Creed Rearmed:
This is the very first Assassin's Creed Multiplayer game that is driven by an in-game economy system. This game features an offline mode for players to hone their skills or just compete with a friend 1on1 style via Bluetooth. Taking the game online means hunting down and assassinating other players, or running away as they return the deadly favor. Both hunter and prey need to utilize the environment and crowd to succeed in their tasks. The included character customization means there is plenty to enjoy at the hefty cost of nothing!

Sad Robot:
Beautiful retro graphics, great tilt controls, and a gorgeous setting is just the beginning to this free game. Players need to guide a robot on his journey through the galaxy to find his lost love while restoring his memories. Doing quests earn coins and experience which maybe traded for upgrades to boost skills and aid in the hunt for a love long-lost. There are also various robots to unlock that come with their own unique set of abilities. This is a gorgeous trip through the black.