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Tasty Casual Gaming Fun Coming Soon From Sugar Kid

Posted by Jennifer Allen on July 6th, 2012

I'm a sucker for all things cute and sweet - things that Sugar Kid looks set to have oodles of.

Set for release later this summer, Sugar Kid will provide players with more than 90 levels of tasty fun. Players control Sugar Kid as he must defeat the evil Mr Lemon while avoiding the perilous threat of a water machine, always a risky place to be for a sugar cube.

Support is offered through the ability to draw bridges to guide Sugar to safety, while using an array of items and power ups along the way.

It looks set to be typically zany stuff but hopefully with a hefty dose of fun thrown in for good measure. Sugar Kid will offer multiple game modes with a Survival mode included, as well as an ominous Deadly Missions mode.

Check out the screenshots and trailer below for a guide of what to expect. We'll be sure to keep you up to date on Sugar Kid's progress. It's set for release for all iOS platforms.

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