Daily Double: Sponge Dude...and EA Sales! Scrabble, Tetris, Madden, Rock Band, etc!

Posted by Bonnie Eisenman on December 22nd, 2009

Christmas is quickly approaching, and sadly, so is the end of many of these deals. But don't despair yet, because the sales just keep rolling in. Namco just kicked off their "winter sale" yesterday, and EA is back in the game, too!

At least this is a nice surprise from EA! EAMobile just sent out two tweets saying, "The following titles will be up to 50% off for the rest of the holiday season! Happy Holidays everyone! Boggle, Madden 10, NBA Live, Rock Band, Surviving High School, Wolfenstein RPG, American Idol, and more!"

"And more?" Shockingly, that "and more" includes the likes of Scrabble, Tetris, and Need for Speed: Shift. Mysteriously, some titles that were supposed to stay at $0.99 'til Christmas are now at higher prices (Auditorium is still on sale but now at $1.99), so don't trust that these sales will last...especially on the games not named in that tweet. Grab 'em while they're here and all that.

Today's Appvent Calender freebie, Sponge Dude, is a physics-based combination of puzzle and platformer. The main character is an elastic sponge, who is sadly missing his arms and legs—meaning that you need to help him reach the end of each level using different mechanics like bombs (open doors and propel the sponge) and balloons (for flying). It looks a bit crude, and certainly isn't on the level of previous offerings like MiniSquadron, but might be worth a look.

Phew...this article is getting pretty long. But one quick PSA: If you own an iPhone and have yet to experiment with a GPS app, you may want to give Copilot a try. Don't worry—this one isn't one of those $100+ apps; instead, it's normally priced at $35 and is on sale for a mere $19.99! Here's what founder Jeff Scott had to say whilst reviewing it in our September GPS round-up:

"CoPilot live is one of the newest contenders in the iPhone GPS arena. And I must admit that before the iPhone version I had never heard of them before. This could be why I was so pleasantly surprised by this GPS app. It’s fairly full featured, fast, and I think it’s my new favorite GPS app."

It's a newbie in the arena, sure, but given both its solid performance and its killer price, brand name doesn't matter all that much!