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Shellrazer Expands to Add Bugzkrieg Level Later This Week

Posted by Tre Lawrence on February 25th, 2014
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Shellrazer, the collaborative indie hit that dropped in mid-2012, will be seeing a major expansion on Feb 27.

The expansion is called "Bugzkrieg," and gives our protagonist turtle new enemies in the form of bugs decked out in lethal alien technology. It adds a total of 30 new enemies and a new weapon: the bloop singularity cannon, which is able to dispatch undesirables via a miniature black hole.

Shellrazer is available for $3.99 in the App Store.

The Portable Podcast, Episode 163

Posted by Carter Dotson on November 13th, 2012

Turtles with cannons on their backs and flying machines. But not flying mechanized turtles. That would just be too much.

On This Episode:

  • The folks from Slick Entertainment come on to discuss Shellrazer's new Ice-Breaker update that just released, along with the unorthodox way that the project came about.

  • Red Ronin Entertainment discusses its new iPad title Amazing Flying Machines, its bold plans for the future of the game, and why more games are using Unity than the similarly-cross-platform UDK.
  • Episode Cast:

  • Host: Carter Dotson
  • Guest: Slick Entertainment – Nick Waanders, Shane Neville, & Jesse Turner
  • Guest: Red Ronin Games – Owais Farooqui & Aaron Casillas

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    Shellrazer Developers Talk About New Ice-Breaker World And Week Long Sale

    Posted by Angela LaFollette on November 8th, 2012
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    Shellrazer isn’t just another shooter. After all, the main character is a giant war turtle with guns on his back. As designer Shane Neville states, “I’ve never seen a game like it, either thematically or in gameplay. Most shooters are about dodging bullets in a screen filled with bullets, where Shellrazer has no dodging at all. Rather, Shellrazer’s gameplay is about weapon management, choosing what weapon to shoot and when to use it to destroy as many goblins and yetis as possible.”

    I had the opportunity to review Shellrazer a few months ago, and I instantly became hooked. 148Apps gave the game its prestigious Editor's Choice award, as well. Goblins, steampunk war machines, sheep riders and a whole lot of bad ass elements combined together into one game was a dream come true. I was kicking butt and taking names and it was awesome. Once I eventually made it to the end, I yearned for more turtle warfare and so did others.

    Slick Entertainment heard the outcries of gamers and chose to issue an update to wipe away the tears. Just like Shellrazer isn’t just another shooter, this isn’t just another update. It’s a HUGE update. When asked why the team decided to update Shellrazer owner Nick Waanders responded by saying, “A lot of people told us that they thought the game was too short, even though it took them 5 hours to complete. (For a $.99 game that’s pretty good though, isn’t it?). We had all the tools ready, so it was easy to create a bunch more enemies and levels, and provide more content for people to enjoy. It seemed like the right thing to do.” Artist Jesse Turner had more to add, “For me on the art side it was because I really love the wacky universe of Shellrazer. It’s a ton of fun and really easy to just come up with stuff that fits in such a strange setting and it felt really natural to make another world full of bad guys and guns.”

    The update adds a completely new world to Shellrazer known as Ice-Breaker and it launches on November 8, 2012 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The Yeti King’s have stolen a freshly laid War Turtle egg, and gamers must help get it back.

    Along with over 25 new levels and 20 new enemies to battle, the best addition to the game are the Yetis. They are extremely tough, but they do have one weakness: fire. “We’ve added two new weapons to help deal with the Yeti hordes: Chuckles the Dragon whose fire breath cuts through the waves of enemies and Combs the Necrobomicon who has a cool projectile that does damage over a vertical column of magic fire,” said Neville.

    There are more updates that Shellrazer fans will appreciate, like iPhone 5 and retina support, multitouch controls for crazy combos, iCloud support to share saved games between Apple devices and ratings for the levels. In addition, Shellrazer will be free from November 8th to the 15th, after which the price will increase to $0.99 afterwards. Since it’s completely free for a week, there’s no excuse not to grab a copy. Snatch it up from the App Store, and help the war turtle rescue his girlfriend and get back their precious egg from those pesky yetis.

    While the update trailer is in the works, check out the exclusive visual design for the Wal-Russer, below.

    Updated to add the trailer:

    Shellrazer Review

    + Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
    By Angela LaFollette on August 2nd, 2012
    Our rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar :: PATH OF DESTRUCTION
    Gun down goblins with a bad-ass war turtle in this shoot ‘em up side-scroller.
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