FREEday 6/08/12 - "Runnin’ FREE Thru the Night in the Street”

Posted by Rob Rich on June 8th, 2012

Don’t ask me why there are two more-or-less collectible card games in this week’s list because I don’t have an answer. I have theories (darn you, Rage of Bahamut), but no solid explanations. Oh hey, look, monkeys!

Duel of Fate - I will freely admit that I’ve become something of a sucker for card games lately, but that doesn’t mean anyone should ignore this one. I mean come on, it’s a CCG. Who doesn’t love a CCG? Not only that, it’s from Gamevil (a more than proven pedigree) and actually has combat animations. Animations! Okay yeah, not much of a selling point but I stand by the CCG and quality publisher comments.

Alexandria Bloodshow - I reviewed something very similar to this a while back, and it was totally awesome. Now we’ve got the chance to get in on the ground floor of the sequel for free. It’s everything that was awesome about Samurai Bloodshow (collectible cards, customizable decks, multiplayer, etc), only now it’s the Egyptians versus the Greeks!

Seawolf 1942 - Fans of the original Seawolf rejoice! Now there’s a way to play not-quite the original (i.e. an “inspired by” game) on the go! For free! Lots of torpedo blasting, ordinance upgrading, air strike launching, and ship sinking to be had here.

Altars - Hey, a puzzle game that isn’t about matching three of a kind. Nice! Although matching is still important as Shade needs to carry various elemental runes back to their corresponding altars (hence the title) while avoiding all sorts of obstacles. The description touts that this game is a “A REAL brain challenge.” I say there’s no harm in putting it to the test.

Battle Monkeys - Plenty of people talk a big game when it comes to controlling an army of monkeys, but just how many of them can actually handle the wesome responsibility? Not many. Thankfully it’s easy enough to put one’s simian command skills to the test while controlling a small squad of customizable tree-swingers in any number of battles against other iOS users. The monkey ninjas are kind of a given, granted, but there are plenty of other bizarre primate costumes to check out.