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Favorite Four Apps To Keep Those New Year Resolutions

Posted by Jennifer Allen on January 10th, 2013

It's that time of the year where many of us make plans on how to improve life for the next 12 months. In my case, my resolutions are based around learning new skills and remembering to relax and take some time out every now and then. Like with any resolution, though, we all need motivation and regular reminders to keep at it. There are plenty of apps that can help you in a multitude of ways, but we've rounded up our four favorites, each hopefully making life a little more successful!

Visualization is a vital key to keeping strong and working towards your goals, even when times get tricky. WishLab is an app that encourages precisely that, by offering a place to write about wishes and aims, as well as allowing for time frames to be set, and progress to be tracked. Users can write about how they're feeling about their goals, as well as be inspired by others through social features. The app will even remind users to keep going via push notifications or email alerts. Once the goal has been achieved, there's an attractive section within the app to look back at how things went and feel good about oneself.

The Habit Factor
Habit building is an important part of completing goals and ambitions. The Habit Factor encourages such sensibilities by tracking everything imaginable, from drinking water regularly to remembering to complete a certain number of exercise repetitions each day. It's a little pricier than other tools, but its great user interface, color coding and note taking facilities should boost anyone's motivation to achieve their goals.

One of the most popular New Year's resolutions each year is to exercise more frequently. While Fitocracy can't force anyone to get moving, it can give them great reason to persevere. Using a leveling up system, the app challenges users to compete with their friends, unlock achievements and complete quests. It effectively turns exercise into a game, which is something that many people can relate to and be motivated by. Plus, it's fun to look back on progress as they steadily improve.

Roller Journal
A mixture of useful tools, Roller Journal both provides a simple way of keeping a journal, while also encouraging users to reflect on the past year and plan ahead for the coming months. This is done through it asking the user a series of questions, creating the perfect foundations to a high quality journal to look back on. Simply writing about what you've accomplished that day can do wonders to your productivity levels and Roller Journal appreciates that.

Keep Track Of Decision Making With The Personal Decision Recorder

Posted by Jennifer Allen on July 29th, 2011

A few years ago, I read the book Yes Man. It's a concept that no doubt many have heard of - simply say yes to everything. EVERYTHING! It sounds simple, but it's not. Just think about all the opportunities that might arise. They're not all things that would be sensible to say yes to. Still, sometimes it's a good idea to bite the bullet and say yes to something unconventional.

The Personal Decision Recorder won't make anyone say yes to anything but it will allow them to keep track of what they said. It's an interesting idea as I know I certainly lose track of things. The app offers more, too, in the guise of a mood indicator and a way of keeping note of the origin of the question. It even works out percentages and graphs too which could be useful for the user who worries that they say yes or no too much.

It's out now priced at $1.99. Potentially that $2 could be a great way of reassessing a person's life!


iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
By Billy Miller on April 29th, 2009
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Let the iPhone Help You Stick to Your New Year's Resolutions

Posted by Jeff Scott on January 30th, 2009

The new year just recently passed, it's only been a few weeks, but you might find yourself faltering a little on your new years resolutions. Now is the time to re-commit to your resolutions, before it's too late. And maybe the iPhone can help.

Some of the most common resolutions have to do with health, money, and organization. Three things that the iPhone can help you track and organize. We're going to share some of the best applications for this, hoping to help you stick to those resolutions.