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Move Over Real Racing, Rally Master Pro Coming to iPad in September

Posted by Kyle Flanigan on August 9th, 2010
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Developers over at FISHLABS announced today that Rally Master Pro, the $2.99 iPhone racing game, will be coming to the iPad by the "end of September" with a price tag not yet known.

"The Rally Master Pro graphics have been elevated to the iPad level and offer unparalleled racing pleasure" writes FISHLABS. "The sophisticated driving physics, which individually calculates each wheel according to the weather and the corresponding driving characteristics, along with the customisable controls, creates the perfect illusion of a real hard-core rally."

The application will feature 27 rally courses, a co-pilot offering directions (we'd take them), interactive replays and a 3D damage model that "provides information about the condition of the car at any time." Rally times can be uploaded and compared to with friends and players from around the world.

There'll also be an arcade gameplay mode if you're in the mood for some quick racing, with a ghost function allowing you to see your fastest lap as you race. The game won't be universal, but iPad only, making use of the generous A4 processor that has now found its way into the iPhone 4.

All in all, FISHLABS have generated more than 24 million downloads from all their games for the iPhone. Here's hoping the iPad editions will be just as good.

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Monday Morning App HQ

Posted by Will on October 26th, 2009

iShoot developer reveals screenshots of second game

Ethan Nicholas, the developer of the Worms-like game iShoot, was one of the early App Store success stories. After making reportedly over $800,000 in five months, Nicholas quit his day job to devote himself full-time to developing games. Nicholas will hope to avoid becoming a one-hit-wonder with his follow-up game. Recently, he tweeted pictures of the upcoming game, and though no other information is known, it appears to be a free-roaming hunting game. Good luck Ethan!

My newest addiction
Every once and a while, a simple game in the vein of Doodle Jump will grab me and inexplicably become a new addiction. Right now, that game is Canabalt. Canabalt is a super stylish game in which to escape from aliens, your hero runs along rooftops. All you control, with simple taps, is when your character jumps. Though it lacks online leaderboards, there is twitter bragging and it's definitely got that "just one more try" appeal. There's also a free online flash version.

Wii award winner "Groovin' Blocks" arrives in the App Store
On the heals of the announcement that the fantastic Wii-ware game World of Goo was coming to the iPhone, Groovin' Block, a Wii port, snuck onto the App Store. Groovin' Blocks is a match 3 Tetris variant with a twist - blocks dropped in beat with the music rack up a multiplier and sometimes unleash powerups. While Gamespot loved the Wii version, the iPhone iteration seems mediocre so far. In any case, you can judge for yourself with a free lite version.

This week's upcoming app that looks freakin' sweet:

Rally Master Pro is one of the best-known and most impressive mobile games of all time, and now it's being adapted for the iPhone by Fishlabs. Expect Rally Master Pro sometime in November. Until then, enjoy the official trailer:

This week's sign of the apocalypse:

Tony Romo successfully completed an entire NFL game without a single turnover. This is UNHEARD of.

App of the Week

Earthworm Jim
Earthworm Jim is a classic game that most have heard of, with great action-platforming gameplay and humor in spades. Gameloft has lovingly adapted it to the iPhone with superb graphics remastering. While the controls aren't great, Gameloft did the best they could, and the controls aren't a deal breaker. Grooooovy!