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Repulze Review

By Rob Rich on January 7th, 2013
Almost all of the basic elements are here: speed, sleek and shiny surfaces, impossible angles, etc. But where are all the other racers?
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Tate Gallery Launches Race Against Time for iOS

Posted by Greg Dawson on January 9th, 2012

Tate Gallery, developers of Tate Trumps, has released Race Against Time for iOS. The game features the evil Dr. Greyscale who has stolen the world's color. Yes, it's basically the end for us in 2012, especially without our colorful colors. But fear not as gamers can guide a quirky little chameleon throughout the game to stop the evil Dr. Greyscale from turning the world into a lifeless monochrome void.

The user plays as the chameleon, traveling through the history of modern art in order to defeat evil Dr Greyscale’s plan to remove all the color from the world. As the gamer races through time from 1890 back to the present day, the background, platforms and enemies change to reflect major art movements and works from the last 121 years of modern art. The company's aim is to introduce the iOS crowds to new ways of discovering art. Race Against Time is one of a series of apps that Britain’s most famous art institution has commissioned and will be releasing over the next few months.