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Gopogo guide - How to bounce like the best of them

Posted by Glen Fox on November 27th, 2015

Nitrome just launched a new game and, as to be expected, it's a lot of addictive fun. It's called Gopogo, and it challenges you to hoparound a bunch of platforms, avoiding enemies and picking up shiny stuff.

It's not easy though - just like the retro platformers that inspired it.

But don't worry about all that because, as ever, 148Apps has got you covered. Carry on reading to learn how to bounce like the best of them.

Ten One Design Shows off Stealth Bluetooth Stylus

Posted by Lisa Caplan on March 19th, 2012

If ones uses a capacitive stylus on their iOS device - those pseudo-pens that are great for handwriting, sketching, typing, and just tapping - the name Ten One Design may not be familiar but it’s very likely they've come across their Pogo stylus line.

This month the iOS accessories company released news that should make iPad artists and note-takers smile. Temporarily dubbed the Blue Tiger Stylus, it’s something completely different. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 to pair with the iPad, particularly the new one. The result is direct input not from the screen, but from another gadget, which allows for much more user control.

The Blue Tiger won’t simulate pressure; it will react to it with genuine sensitivity and be better than traditional styluses (styli?) at distinguishing between intended strokes and palm prints. The killer feature is best described by Ten One founder Peter Skinner: “When using Blue Tiger in a drawing application, the user can control stroke thickness ... which is displayed on the multi-colored LED button.” There’s no word on a release date or price, but if it’s durable it will be well worth paying a premium for, as it should outlast traditional styluses with inflated rubbery nibs.

Pogo Coming to the App Store

Posted by Brad Hilderbrand on December 10th, 2010
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

EA has announced that it's bringing the Pogo brand to the App Store and, to celebrate, some of the community's favorite Pogo games are going to be available for free. Those who download the free version of the app will receive Poppit!, Word Whomp, Turbo 21, Mahjong Safari and Sweet Tooth 2. The games will be ad-supported, but the commercials can be cut out by upgrading to the $2.99 version of the app. Those who are members of EA's Club Pogo will also be able to play an ad-free version of the titles.

"We've been entertaining audiences for more than 10 years, and that experience has given us a deep understanding of the types of games that engage people and keep them coming back for more," said Michael Marchetti, GM of Pogo for Electronic Arts.

"With the move to iPhone and iPod touch, we're giving people new ways to play, share and compete-now any moment can turn into a fun moment."

EA hasn't detailed any future plans for the app, but we're obviously hoping the future updates add more games to the fold and provide a continually growing catalog of challenges. The app will also support all the various Pogo community features, including the ability to earn tokens and increase your player rank. EA is also offering weekly badge challenges for a limited time, so there's another opportunity to prove that you're better than all your virtual friends.

While Pogo may not be an absolutely mainstream social gaming network, it's still a fairly big deal and its inclusion on iOS will likely be welcomed by many. Most Pogo games tend to skew towards the casual crowd, but there's nothing at all wrong with that and those who enjoy playing the games on Pogo.com will definitely love being able to take those same titles wherever they go and playing on the road. So if you're already into Pogo or just wonder what it's all about this is as good a time as any to check it out.

[via GI.biz]

Pogo Stylus

Posted by Tony Kicks on November 11th, 2009

**UPDATE** Apparently the new iPod touch ring-out system Apple will be trying in it's retail stores this holiday season will also be using the Pogo Sketch Stylus for capturing signatures.

Let's take a brief look back at the epic but short lived war that was started with the "Yuck" heard around the world spoken by Steve himself when he first proclaimed "Nobody wants a stylus." I still remember the mass outcry of horror and disbelief from Palm and Windows Mobile users world over as they prepared to dig into their trenches. I, being a long time Mac addict, was amongst the first to enlist on Apple's side and purchased the original iPhone on 7.11.09 (yes folks, this was pre-app store). The next 5 months consisted of allowing skeptics, wether I was on a plane, at a hockey game, or even in the movies, to sit there and play with my phone as if it were a toy. Quickly the tides turned and by the holiday season of '07, just less than a year since the iPhone was announced, the war was all but over. With every major phone manufacturer announcing or selling their own non-stylus driven touch screen phone the stylus appeared to be dead. And yet here I sit in disbelief as I hold a stylus made for the iPhone…