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Bio Inc's New Expansion is Infecting the App Store

Posted by Jessica Fisher on March 26th, 2015
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Bio Inc., by DryGin Studios, is the real time strategy game where you infect a human body with the worst virus your evil brain can design. Recently, the game was updated to add a whole lot of new features. Now you can play the new “Lethal” difficulty, which chakllenges even hardcore players. If you aren't quite there yet you can still enjoy the “Specialized M.D” section with its 6 new stages.

DryGin has also added 25 new boosters such as Economics, Diseases, Risk Factors, Recovery, and Environmental. You'll be able to buy these boosters with Bio Coins that you earn by playing the game. And if you manage to beat all the levels you'll be in for a benevolant treat - you can change your dark hearted ways and try to save John Smith on the last stage. This time an AI is infecting the poor sod and it is your job to try to stop it. Can you heal him in time?

Bio Inc. has a bunch of other features added in this new expansion. You can download it now for free to experience them all.

SOS Info Review

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
By Jennifer Allen on September 23rd, 2012
Our rating: starstarstarstarblankstar :: POTENTIALLY LIFESAVING
The broken English is less than ideal but SOS info is a potentially very valuable app if you ever get in trouble.
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New App: MyAutismTeam Mobile

Posted by Rob LeFebvre on August 15th, 2012
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

MyAutismTeam’s new mobile app provides parents of children on the autism spectrum the ability to connect and stay in touch with other parents just like them. The Facebook-meets-Yelp resource for parents allows for the sharing of posts, local provider referrals and tips, as well as the ability to ask questions to the community and post pictures, all while on-the-go so they are connected to the community whenever they need to be.

Dissect A Virtual Cadaver With Anatomy & Physiology REVEALED

Posted by Jennifer Allen on August 6th, 2012
iPad App - Designed for iPad

Medical students don't always have access to cadavers, certainly not when outside of the classroom. This is a relief to many of us, but it's far from practical for those students trying to study the human body. Anatomy & Physiology REVEALED aims to solve that problem.

Available for the iPad, Anatomy & Physiology REVEALED makes it possible to practice on a virtual cadaver, accurately replicating the cadaver dissection experience.

Five modules are available within the app, allowing for access to the skeletal and muscular systems, nervous system, cardiovascular, lymphatic and respiratory systems, digestive, urinary, reproductive and endocrine systems. There's also room for body orientation, tissues, cells and chemistry.

Many different interactive slides, as well as detailed imagery, videos and animations ensure that this is a comprehensive package for medical students, along with a quiz facility. There's even pronunciation tips for difficult to pronounce terms.

Anatomy & Physiology REVEALED might not be the cheapest of apps, costing $12.99 plus the same price again for extra modules, but for medical students, it should prove very valuable in giving them the extra edge in their studies.

LiveNurse Has Medical Advice Waiting for Your Call

Posted by Kevin Stout on April 12th, 2012
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

GreatCall has just released its next app in the health and wellness scene, LiveNurse. This app allows users to actually connect with a registered nurse for advice at any time or day.

These live, registered nurses will ask basic questions and follow medical standards to obtain enough information to direct users to the appropriate care for whatever situation the user may be in.

In addition to 24/7 help from a registered nurse, the app features information from the award-winning medical encyclopedia, A.D.A.M. Medical Encyclopedia. The information includes descriptions of common medical problems and their treatments as well as symptoms, warnings, prevention, and more.

LiveNurse has a “Shake for Help” feature that provides information on topics being read by shaking the iPhone. The information appears as a bubble on the screen specific to whatever the user was reading about.

Pre-existing GreatCall users can log into their GreatCall accounts on LiveNurse. The app is available for free but requires a subscription of $3.99 per month.

Don't Forget! Contraception Reminders From MyPill

Posted by Jennifer Allen on February 14th, 2012
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Given that it's free, women in need of tracking their birth control medication may as well skip ahead and get downloading myPill™ - Birth Control Reminder immediately.

As the name suggests, myPill™ - Birth Control Reminder is an easy to use app that reminds women of when to take their next birth control pill. That's useful enough in itself but the app goes one step further. Easily set up, myPill™ - Birth Control Reminder can help women plan their schedule up to six months in advance at the swipe of a finger. This means that the user can track exactly when to expect their periods so they can plan their life and any big plans accordingly.

A built in notes facility ensures that users with any concerns can track any unusual changes in their cycle, ready to inform their doctor or gynecologist at a later appointment. Other events such as missed pills can also be easily tracked.

Even SMS and e-mail reminders can be configured for those who don't just want to be reminded by their iOS device.

myPill™ - Birth Control Reminder is an Universal app and available now.

Workout Companion, iMuscle, Updates with a Better Experience

Posted by Kevin Stout on February 8th, 2012

Was your New Year’s resolution to get back in shape? The iPad and iPhone can be great workout companions, especially with apps like iMuscle from 3D4Medical.com.

iMuscle is a workout aid that can be used to find exercises that coincide with specific muscles in the body. The muscles are displayed in a visually appealing 3-D view that the user can rotate 360 degrees. Users can create custom workouts and receive hints and tips for specific exercises. The exercises are even performed by a 3-D model.

iMuscle has added some features in its 2.4 update. Users can now share workouts between the iPhone and iPad apps. The overall experience of the app has been improved with larger buttons, the workout creation process made easier, the ability to edit an exercise within a workout, and more flexibility in moving between exercises within a workout.

iMuscle won Apple’s best iPad app in the Medical category in 2011 and was listed as one of TechCrunch’s top 20 apps of 2011. iMuscle is available as both an iPad and iPhone app.


Healthcare Advice For Babies And More From WebMD Baby

Posted by Jennifer Allen on January 19th, 2012
iPhone & Apple Watch App - Designed for iPhone and Apple Watch, compatible with iPad

Good health is important for any adult but for a baby it somehow feels even more vital. As any parent with a baby knows, it's a scary time indeed when a child seems not at their best. Fortunately, popular medical site WebMD has iOS users covered with the release of WebMD Baby.

The app gives users quick access to some great advice from expert sources. Personalized for a baby's age, there's timely physician-approved guidance to ensure parents understand and can keep track of everything popular.

In the baby's first year, there are 52 weekly featured multimedia packages aimed at the baby's first year plus a daily tip for every day of the year. In the second year, this is brought down to 12 monthly packages and 84 tips.

Alongside such useful advice, there are trackers for growth, diapers, sleep and feeding. There's even a Baby Book section for the user to capture key memories and milestones via photos or videos.

With 400 articles, 598 tips, 70 videos and these useful tools, WebMD Baby should be indispensable for the new parent.

GreatCall Products: Helping The Vulnerable Stay Safe

Posted by Jennifer Allen on January 18th, 2012

As part of Health & Fitness month, we thought we'd take a quick look at what safety conscious mobile services company, GreatCall, are offering vulnerable iOS users to ensure they feel safer in their own homes.

5Star Urgent Response by GreatCall is one such app that updates the personal safety alarm concept to the iOS era and makes it all the more vital a tool for those who are vulnerable and less able than they used to be.

The app allows its users in times of need to contact a highly-trained Certified Response Agent at the tap of a button. The agent can then identify the user and their location, conference in family or friends to help, access a nurse or provide any extra assistance that may be needed. They can also contact 911 emergency services if need be but GreatCall empathise that the user shouldn't treat the app as a replacement to 911, it's more of a supplement.

Each user has a personal profile that allows the agent to know about things like pre-existing medical condition and emergency contact details so it's a very safe service. There's also the provision of a 24/7 LiveNurse advice service and email functionality.

Ultimately, it's peace of mind for the user and their loved ones. The app is $14.99 and $14.99 a month thereafter.

For other users with medical conditions, GreatCall has provided MedCoach, a free app that helps the user keep track of what medications they need to take and at what time of day.

Simple to use and with regular reminders and alerts, MedCoach will even allow users to connect to their pharmacy when it's time to get a new prescription. Linked to the First DataBank national drug database, it's also possible to look up medication as well as dosage for advice.

MedCoach is out now and it's free to download.

MotherKnows is a Pocket Pediatrician

Posted by Jordan Minor on December 23rd, 2011
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Apple likes to boast that their products allow us to connect to each other in fantastic new ways. It's a tall claim to say the least. However, what stronger connection could there be than the one between parents and their children? The MotherKnows app is trying to help prove Apple right by giving parents a new way to monitor their child's development and more easily be prepared for medical emergencies.

Working in conjunction with the MotherKnows website, the app stores all sorts of health records like growth charts, medication lists, graphic displays of immunizations and other information collected directly from doctors and regularly updated, all on an iPhone. This is particularly useful for quickly providing places likes schools and camps with anything they may need to know regarding a child health-wise. Parents can use the app for little tasks like scheduling appointments and for more long-term tasks like tracking their child's progress. Parents can even create milestones like "first steps" and take a picture to go alongside it.

Although the app can sync with one's MotherKnows account when accessing data one doesn't need to purchase an account in order to use the app. MotherKnows is currently available for free on the App Store.

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Pocket Body (Musculoskeletal)

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Danyel Rios on November 1st, 2011
Our rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar :: ANATOMICALLY SPECTACULAR
With gorgeous graphics, intuitive controls and constant updates Pocket Body (Musculoskeletal) is a slick and comprehensive way to study for that next Anatomy and Physiology exam or effectively communicate with a patient using a visual aid.
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Store Medical Information Easily - and Save Lives - With MedAssist

Posted by Jennifer Allen on September 9th, 2011
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Keeping track of health data and checkup information for all the family can be pretty tedious. After all, who wants to focus on their ailments all the time? Potentially knowing that knowledge or, more importantly, having that information on hand at all times, could save the life of a much loved family member. As an example, I'm allergic to paracetomol so what happens if I fall unconcious and wind up in hospital in need of painkillers urgently? An app like medAssist will ensure that such allergy information is readily available for any medical professional.

The app offers a place to store simple information such as date of birth as well as more complex and involved knowledge such as allergies, family disease history, blood group, even when the user had surgery or an X-Ray last. Chronic ailments such as joint problems or disease can be stored along with contact details for the family doctor making it easy to check in.

medAssist is one of few apps that could genuinely save lives. At $3.99 that's a small price to pay.

pzizz sleep Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Monica Stevens on July 25th, 2011
Our rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar :: SNORE MORE
Let your dreams be your guide.
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Aspirin Review

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
By Jennifer Allen on June 29th, 2011
Our rating: starstarstarstarblankstar :: USEFUL
Keep track of medication and other health elements with Aspirin.
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The Human Body Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Gianna LaPin on May 23rd, 2011
Our rating: starstarstarstarblankstar :: ATTRACTIVE
Explore the inner reaches of the human body with this lavishly illustrated, interactive anatomy application.
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