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Fruit Tumble Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Jennifer Allen on December 16th, 2011
Our rating: starstarstarhalfstarblankstar :: SAFE
Fruit Tumble echoes Zuma and Luxor but throws a barrel full of monkeys into the equation.
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Luxor HD for iPad Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Chris Kirby on January 22nd, 2011
Our rating: starstarstarhalfstarblankstar :: CARBON COPY
If you've played Zuma, you've already played Luxor HD. This one is just more expensive.
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Apple Removes StoneLoops from the App Store at the Request of MumboJumbo

Posted by Will on October 27th, 2009

StoneLoops! of Jurassica is fantastic marble-shooter that Bonnie proclaimed "sets a new standard for Zuma-style match-3s" in her initial review. Have you rushing off to the App Store? Well, don't bother. Recently, StoneLoops was removed from the App Store by Apple and is no longer available for download. As it turns out, this act was perpetrated by MumboJumbo, the developers of the main genre competitor, Luxor.

According to the developer of StoneLoops, Code Minion (full blog post here), MumboJumbo's reason for doing this was StoneLoops's success. In fact, this assertion seems to be largely substantiated. When they both existed as PC games, Luxor far overshadowed the little-known StoneLoops. However, when it came to the iPhone, the tables turned. Code Minion beat MumboJumbo in the race to the App Store, and StoneLoops enjoyed a sustained high rank in the top paid apps list while Luxor languished.

The full story goes like this: a few weeks ago, Apple relayed Code Minion a formal complaint and request to remove StoneLoops from the App Store, originally filed by MumboJumbo. According to Code Minion, the complaint involved "infringing Luxor copyright, confusing customers, stealing Luxor’s look & feel and even stealing their source code!" Most of these claims are simply outrageous, and if you've ever played the two games, the differences are apparent. Code Minion replied to Apple, refuting the claims that they found erroneous and even offering to change a few things on StoneLoops's app description. Code Minion assumed Apple ruled in their favor when weeks passed without any reply, but discovered otherwise when they learned StoneLoops was no longer available in the App Store.

There are several reasons why MumboJumbo's actions are repulsive and hypocritical. First, of course, Luxor is not an original game. All marble shooters are derived from the 1998 Japanese game Puzz Loop, and most established iteration on the formula is Popcap's 2003 game Zuma. In addition, there are multiple other Zuma-like games on the App Store, though MumboJumbo only chose to attack their closest competitor. Ironically, when Code Minion was deciding on a publisher for StoneLoops, they talked with MumboJumbo before settling on Playcreek. MumboJumbo was shown the game, and never expressed any doubts about possible copyright infringement. This incident sets a dangerous precedent in the App Store that could be easily exploited by other developers.

Please note that MumboJumbo has not yet commented on the incident with their side of the story.


iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
By Chris Hall on August 31st, 2009
Our rating: starstarstarstarblankstar :: MARBLE FUN
Luxor, the self proclaimed #1 marble shooter of all time, has hit the app store with a splash. It looks great and is fun, but for how long?
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App Store News Round-up for August 14th

Posted by Jeff Scott on August 14th, 2009

While Apple and AT&T's lawyers are busy dealing with multiple lawsuits for failing to deliver MMS, we've been rounding up the latest App Store news.

Man, that's a lot of beer money. Ever wonder how much you've spent on apps? There's some new software for Mac that reads all of your downloaded apps and ads up how much they would cost. To be truly accurate you need to edit the prices of some apps, but it's pretty close. I hate to tell you how much I've spent so far. Here's a hint -- I could easily feed an NFL team for a week.

In other news, man seeks attention. Someone trying to make a point decides to try and get publicity for that point. Not a new story, it happens all the time. But this guy decided he was so upset with Apple that he was going to shoot his iPhone with a 9MM and then set it on fire. That should prove a point. Watch the video for a nice case of misguided anger.

Luxor getting the Plus+ treatment Luxor, one of the best known marble shooter games is getting Plus+ integration and will be released for the iPhone soon. One of the first specific games to be announced with the social gaming platform developed by ngmoco:) integrated.

What will be keeping me busy this weekend. Worms just released an update. I'm going to try that out and hope that it fixes the major problems we had with the game. I'm testing out GPS apps. Gomi still has me hooked. Plus a couple other pre-release games I'm looking into.

What are you playing this weekend? Let us know in the comments. Have a great weekend everyone!