Livestand from Yahoo! Enters the Personalized Magazine Market With Live News

Posted by Lisa Caplan on November 14th, 2011
iPad App - Designed for iPad

Livestand, from Yahoo! is yet another former internet giant’s attempt to create a presence on iOS by creatin a personalized news and entertainment magazine.

Like most apps of this sort, they offer curated internet content to build a magazine that updates live to keep readers informed on topics of interest.

The app feature video and photo galleries, along with headlines, stock information and entertainment, horoscopes and general interest stories.

In its customized “Personal Mix,” users can pick topics and sites of interest and create their own live news experience. The app can be further customized by adding location and preferred stocks in the “Favorite Things” section of the control menu.

Social network integration includes Twitter and Facebook and the option to have multiple users and multiple magazines is great.

The GUI is clean and intuitive, and the content is easy to read, even if the sane background for each article gets a bit repetitive. That said, it creates a unified cohesive look that competitors have failed to capture.

But, the app lacks some features like a like or dislike option to further personalize content, and the current content providers are very limited. Also, the app seems to work only in landscape mode. But, if the library expands, Livestand has potential.