Say "Hi" in the Sky With SkyScribe

Posted by Rob Rich on September 12th, 2011
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

People have created bizarre apps to turn iOS devices into all manner of random things. Random things like mirrors, fake X-ray machines, flashlights and more. Now Echolot has thrown their hat into the ring with SkyScribe, a strange little app that's probably a bit more practical than some of those other oddball apps.

Remember those weird clocks they always seem to have at stores like Brookstone? The ones that display the date, time and sometimes messages by using a small arm that wags back-and-forth and some LED lights? The ones that look like they're displaying the time in mid-air without the use of a physical display, right. Well SkyScribe does something similar with the iPhone. Users can type words or a message, set a color and speed, then wave their phone from side to side to display their chosen text.

Granted, it doesn't work exactly the same as those strange clocks. The text scrolls on the screen at a chosen speed, then it's up to the user to practice their own pacing in order to display it properly. That said, I can see this app being pretty useful in somewhat dim, crowded rooms. Such as during a concert, or in movie theater (prior to the start of the movie, of course) or something like that.

SkyScribe is available right now for a buck.