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Make Your Mark in Magazine Mogul, Kairosoft's Newest Cutesy Simulation

Posted by Jessica Fisher on February 2nd, 2015
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Kairosoft has released their newest game, Magazine Mogul. Now you can run your very own your very own video game studio magazine empire!

As you play you'll be coming up with article ideas, forming a team of writers, and winning over new readers. As your magazine grows in popularity, tourism for your town will also grow. You may even impress the mayor.

You can download Magazine Mogul for $4.99 on the App Store to begin your magazine career.

Kairosoft Finally Brings The Pyraplex to iOS

Posted by Jessica Fisher on September 30th, 2014
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Android users will no longer have all the pyramid building fun to themselves, as Kairosoft has finally gotten around to releasing The Pyraplex on iOS.

In the tradition of their other popular games, The Pyraplex allows players to organize workers, build wonders, and foster trade between peoples. You will need workers to quarry stone and sell crafts at your bazaar in order to gain the resources necessary to build a monument to capture the admiration of the Pyramid Association.

Check out The Pyraplex on the App Store for $4.99.

Become a Guardian of Galactic Peace With the New Spacefaring Sim, Kairobotica.

Posted by Jessica Fisher on July 30th, 2014
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Kairobotica by Kairosoft, Co makers of Game Dev Story, puts players in command the Kairobot Corps: a security force tasked with keeping the galaxy safe from monsters and evil-doers. Players can go on missions, upgrade their colony, capture wild alien creatures, and gain new recruits. To unlock the many planets that are available in the game, players must complete missions to increase a planets affinity. Once they hit 100% some planets will reward players with items.

You can pick up Kairobotica for $4.99 on the App Store.

Enjoy the Simpler Life with Pocket Harvest - the Newest Release from Kairosoft

Posted by Jessica Fisher on June 3rd, 2014
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Need the sweet high that only raising a plot of corn can give you? The newest release from Kairosoft, Pocket Harvest, feeds your farming addiction. Challenge yourself to raise prize winning crops and animals while building compelling tourist attractions to create the greatest farm mankind has ever known. And with tourism comes the ability to invite your friends to witness the glory of your agriculture. So strap on your overalls!

Pocket Harvest is available for $4.99 on the App Store.

Pocket Stables, Kairosoft's Latest, Builds its Ranch on the App Store, Lets Players Find and Train Racehorses

Posted by Andrew Stevens on November 22nd, 2013
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Pocket Stables is a game for players to manage their own ranch while building different types of training facilities to prepare their racehorse for upcoming events. Players can even build ice cream stands and gift shops to encourage visitors to spend money while visiting.

It's about finding the right combination of speed, stamina, and intensity when looking for the perfect horse to train and win races. Wining lots of races leads to better prizes and major events.

Beastie Bay Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Jennifer Allen on February 13th, 2013
Our rating: starstarstarhalfstarblankstar :: GOTTA TAME THEM ALL
With freemium style elements, this Kairosoft game is all about building up a resort while catching and taming a variety of different animals. It's an interesting mishmash.
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Favorite Four: Games for Super Short, Stop And Start Play Sessions

Posted by Rob Rich on February 6th, 2013

I play games on my iPhone a lot, as I’m sure many of you reading this do. The thing is, while many iOS games are great in their own right and function well for gaming in small bursts or extended sessions, there aren’t a whole heck of a lot that can be picked up, played, and stopped at the drop of a hat. Oh sure most can be suspended but I’m talking about games that actually allow you to quit entirely and come right back to where you left off no matter how long that may take. Games that auto-save constantly, can be saved at any time with a single button press, stuff like that. Here are our picks for four of the best.

Penny Arcade The Game: Gamers vs. Evil
Most of Playdek’s card games fall into this category but I’ve chosen this one because it’s the most recent. And because I happen to really like it. Gamers vs. Evil tracks progress in each match, however many there might be at once spread out over single and multiplayer modes. This means you can play a single hand or even stop in the middle of one, quit for whatever reason, and then start it right back up again from wherever it left off. It’s as perfect for micro-gaming sessions as it is for lengthy ones.

Junk Jack
I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this 2D Minecraft-like since its release for many reasons, but it’s the save system that’s always impressed me the most. Pausing the game at any point will save progress automatically, so stopping at a moment’s notice is never a problem. Even more impressive is the way Jack’s inventory can be saved and transferred between worlds, so even if you get tired of your current game you can always start a new one and keep all your cool stuff.

Game Dev Story
Kairosoft’s first iOS release continues to be their greatest as far as I’m concerned, but really all of their games are perfect for quick starts and stops of game time. That big Save button sitting on the main screen for every single one of their titles that saves progress instantly makes it incredibly easy to stop what you’re doing and get back to actual work. Not that I’m condoning that sort of behavior, of course.

Zenonia 5
Much like Kairosoft, GAMEVIL also has the handy Save button down pat. Their action RPG series is plenty of fun and this most recent release is absolutely packed with features, and yet they’ve (thankfully) kept the one that makes it the easiest to play whenever and wherever. It’s comforting to know I can tap once to save and then bolt off of my train without having to worry about losing all that progress.

Cafeteria Nipponica Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Rob Rich on August 16th, 2012
Our rating: starstarstarstarblankstar :: GOURMET DINING
Kairosoft takes a stab at the restaurant business and, surprise surprise, knocks another one out of the park.
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Campaign: The Game - The First Ad Agency Simulator

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
By Ray Willmott on August 7th, 2012
Our rating: starstarstarblankstarblankstar :: ADS-YOU-LIKE
We've built consoles and video games with Kairosoft, but now Insolita Studios and Thomas Egas want us to make ad campaigns. Is it still appealing?
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Dungeon Village Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Rob Rich on June 5th, 2012
Our rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar :: RP-GLEE
Even after game development, feudal Japan, malls, alien worlds, indie racing, and even high school, Kairosoft still manages to find new territory to cover.
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Toy Factory Review

By Sinan Kubba on March 6th, 2012
Cute free sim that's too eager to grab some in-app dollars.
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Grand Prix Story Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Rob Rich on September 14th, 2011
Our rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar :: FORMULA-FUN
iOS users can finally play Kairosoft's previously Android-only take on the world of professional racing. And all that that implies.
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Mega Mall Story Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Rob Rich on September 1st, 2011
Our rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar :: CONSUMER-FRIENDLY
The developer with a reputation for fun, super-addictive sims does it again.
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Pocket Academy Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Rob Rich on July 13th, 2011
Our rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar :: HONORS STUDENT
As with virtually every Kairosoft game on the App Store, Pocket Academy could use a bit more of a tutorial. Those who stick with it will find an experience just as rewarding, entertaining and addicting as any of their previous titles, however.
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Hot Springs Story Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Jennifer Allen on March 23rd, 2011
Our rating: starstarstarstarblankstar :: DEEP
Hot Springs Story is the hotly anticipated follow up from Game Dev Story's developers Kairosoft.
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