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Gameloft Titles & iPad Rentals Come To Jetstar Flights

Posted by Jennifer Allen on November 25th, 2011

iPads are taking over the world and it looks like our skies too. Gameloft has collaborated with Australian airline Jetstar in order to offer a lineup of 12 pre-loaded games for iPads as part of the in-flight entertainment program for passengers.

From December, five titles will be available encompassing a range of different interests. These titles include Real Football, Shrek Kart, Avatar, UNO and N.O.V.A: Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance.

Coming to the airline in the first quarter of 2012 will be the remaining seven titles: GT Racing: Motor Academy, Brain Challenge, Blokus, Iron Man 2, Let's Golf! 2, The Settlers and Asphalt 5. It's a varied bunch both in terms of genre and quality but it should be plenty to keep passengers entertained during their flight.

Passengers will be able to rent iPads with such games on them when flying longer than 2 hours for A$10 to A$15 per flight. Not bad at all for a heap of fun.

Plenty Of Bargains From Gameloft This Halloween

Posted by Jennifer Allen on October 26th, 2011

Never one to miss an opportunity to offer some great price reductions, Gameloft has announced a sale in honor of Halloween.

Six games in all are on offer at a bargain price of $0.99 each. The selection is a bit of a mixed bag, however.

For the kids and general movie tie-in fans, there's the choice of Shrek Forever After available in both iPhone and iPad varieties. The same discount is offered for the rather dubious Iron Man 2, again with a choice of iPhone or iPad.

We'd recommend giving those two a miss. However, do consider MMORPG Order & Chaos Online which is a pretty special homage to World of Warcraft.

Racing fans may want to consider Driver, the iPhone adaptation of the popular getaway driving console title.

There's a discount for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater clone Skater Nation too but it might be best left to the avid skateboarding fans, desperate for a similar title.

Probably the biggest bargain is that of Gameloft Action Pack. With three games bundled together, Hero of Sparta, Blades of Fury and Brothers in Arms, it might not be the best selection of games but it's pretty unbeatable when it comes to frugal gaming.

For those after a fright, Gameloft has provided a very creepy video to advertise what's going on. It's a tad bizarre and unnerving.

All these bargains run for the next week.

Top 3 App Deals for 10/25/11

Posted by Rob LeFebvre on October 25th, 2011

Tired of scrolling through endless price drop lists? We feel your pain, taking pity on you and your scrolling finger. Here's what we have for you today:

Chicken Balls HD - Was $1.99, now FREE
Our reviewer gave this game 4.5 stars, saying, "The graphics and humor give the game a great vibe, and the added gameplay elements really make for a deep experience. I know I might cause some controversy saying this, but Chicken Balls is my new favorite avian launching action puzzle game."

Craigslist! - Was $0.99, now FREE
Yes, we know this is information easily obtainable online, but sometimes the mobile Safari experience isn't all we hope it could be. This app purports to make the minimalist Craigslist website more accessible to the iOS user with a native app. And it's free now, so no excuses!

Iron Man 2 for iPad - Was $4.99, now $0.99
Gameloft developed this one along with the official license holders, so you can bet Iron Man will look just like he's supposed to. Our reviewer didn't find it worth a $5 price tag, but we're willing to bet a dollar is a better fit, and quite a good deal to boot. Second chance, anyone?


Iron Man 2 for iPad Review

iPad App - Designed for iPad
By Chris Kirby on May 7th, 2010
Our rating: starstarhalfstarblankstarblankstar ::
Looking forward to Iron Man 2? Me too, but don't look to this game to satiate your cravings for old Shellhead. It's just more of the same here, folks.
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