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Nine iOS Cloud Photo Services Compared - The 148Apps Round-Up

Posted by Chris Kirby on February 20th, 2014

A little over a year ago, everything changed. My daughter, Peregrine (Pip, for short), was born, and along with the myriad recalibrations, adjustments, and joyous changes that birth brought with it, I also finally came to terms with the true value of the iPhone camera: baby pictures! Hundreds and hundreds of them (no exaggeration) were taken by me, by friends, and by family, and then scattered over hard drives, social networks, and of course iPhones. The problem then became figuring out how to organize and store them privately and securely. As a devoted Mac user it’s easy enough to keep photos stored on iPhoto, but that’s a local option only, with limited cloud storage and sharing (those 1,000 photos on iCloud? Please!), and god forbid my hard drive crashes without proper backup.

I thought all of my problems with cloud storage for photos were solved when Everpix came along. Here was a fantastic, well-designed app that also had great web-based software and a Mac-based uploader. Best of all, it could load in all of my photos from various social streams, eliminate or hide duplicates, and handle a potentially unlimited number of photos for a reasonable monthly or yearly price.

There was just one big problem though; Everpix went out of business.

Before I get to the heart of this article, there are a few lessons to learn from my Everpix experience.

One: Always keep all of your photos on a local hard drive.

Two: Backup said hard drive as often as humanly possible (something I still don’t do, so do as I say, not as I do).

Three: Never, ever assume that a site, app, or service will exist forever. It won’t; it just won’t. They will all go away at some point. Some will last five years. Some will last a year or two. Some of the very best won’t even make it that long.

So I found myself back at square one, trying to find another good (read, as close to the effortless Everpix as I could get) cloud-based storage solution for my photos. Read on for my look at nine different cloud storage services that work with iOS.

iPhoto Update Adds Photobooks, Enables Faster Browsing and Editing

Posted by Andrew Stevens on October 22nd, 2013
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
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iPhoto for iOS has been updated to 64-bit, making it faster for browsing and editing your work. It also comes with a new iOS 7-inspired design, along with new tools and effects that let you toy around even further with your images. The iPad version also gets Photobook in the update, which lets users upload their photos to Apple so that they can be printed and shipped back to you as a photo book. Nifty!

This Week at 148Apps: March 26-30

Posted by Chris Kirby on April 2nd, 2012

The last week of March was a busy one across the 148Apps network, beginning with 148Apps.com, where Lisa Caplan reported on the massive windfall Apple has already garnered from the release of iPhoto for iOS. She writes, "According to AllThingsD, iPhoto for iOS passed the one million download mark last week. That’s quite an impressive figure, particularly when it implies Apple has earned more than five million dollars from the app in less than a two week period.

Read the full story at 148Apps.com.

GiggleApps.com kept up the pace with a review of Explore Vincent. Writer Amy Solomon says, "Explore Vincent is a wonderful app for iPad exploring the life and times of Vincent van Gogh, the brilliant yet troubled artist from childhood through adulthood, ending with his death in 1890.
This app is a true multimedia delight as many mediums are explored within this app for iPad."

Read Solomon's review at GiggleApps.com.

Finally, 148Apps.biz writer Kevin Stout reported on Apple's new policy regarding apps that access UDIDs. "As Apple warned the development community in August, it has started rejecting apps submitted to the App Store that access a user’s UDID. This seems to be a response to Congress’ interest in privacy concerns in mobile devices.

Kim-Mai Cutler from TechCrunch reports that while the UDID is used for many mobile ad networks for targeted ads, UDIDs pose real privacy issues."

Read more at 148Apps.biz.

*Whew!* And that's just a sample of the amazing amount of content making its way across all of the 148Apps sites this week. Stay on top of the latest in reviews, news and contests by following us on Twitter and liking us on Facebook. And don't forget to check back here next week for another recap of the week that was. See you then, pilgrim!

iPhoto Nets Apple $5M in Revenue in just 2 Weeks

Posted by Lisa Caplan on March 27th, 2012
iPad App - Designed for iPad
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According to AllThingsDiPhoto for iOS passed the one million download mark last week. That’s quite an impressive figure, particularly when it implies Apple has earned more than five million dollars from the app in less than a two week period.

Apple released the final piece of its popular iLife suite of user-friendly creative apps at the Apple Event in San Francisco early this Month where the new iPad was unveiled.

Critics - like our own Kevin Stout in his review - quickly noted the app's simple interface that offers moderately advanced editing features in a way best suited to the multi-touch screen and gesture controls. It also seems that users agree that at $4.99 for a universal build of a photo app that can beam pictures from device to device, create web-hosted photo journals, and touch up photos with simple sliders and brush-on effects is a winner too.

Here’s hoping that theses results motivate to the folks in Cupertino to apply the winning formula to all their software. Then at the next iPad launch we can dream of an Aperture app to compete with Photoshop Touch and to seeing other professional-grade Apple software adapted to their mobile platforms with the prices adjusted accordingly.

Simplify Photo Is A Go

Posted by Chris Hall on August 20th, 2009
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

People always ask me why I, the editor-in-chief of an app review website, only have an 8GB iPhone. Apparently, unbeknownst to me, I have to fill my phone up to the brim with pointless data. Maybe, just maybe, I can fill it up with e-mails or something, because everything else that I use can be made quite nice with an app. Big Movies? Just use iDisk... you can stream movies straight from "the cloud". Music? I've got Simplify Music... all of my music is streaming directly from my computer to my phone. It's nice when your 30GB music collection takes up less than 3MB. The only issue that I had before was photos. Sure, I could put some photos on my iDisk, but that is already bogged down with movies. That was my albatross... until...

Simplify Photo! Well fans, life is good again, and my $100 saved from getting the 8GB iPhone is looking smarter and smarter by the moment. Not only does Simplify Photo stream my entire photo collection, but it also holds onto the GPS tags and name organization that iPhoto so nicely provides, making your whole portable photo browsing experience that much better.

Life is definitely good with Simplify Media. Pick the app up now at its special introductory price of $0.99. Enjoy!