Five For Friday: Week Of July 13

Posted by Jennifer Allen on July 13th, 2012

It's been a very exciting week on the App Store, especially for games fans, with some great big releases emerging. However, they're not the only titles of interest. As usual, we take a look at five apps and games that offer exactly that.

Nearly everyone as a child wanted to be a firefighter, police officer, medic or some other heroic career path. Few of us turned out to be that courageous however, which is why games let us pretend to be those people. EMERGENCY is one such title with players controlling all the major emergency services across 13 different disaster scenarios.

We all need a touch of inspiration at some point in our lives, especially those of us who work in creative industries. Oflow provides the means in which to be inspired with 100 proven ways to cure creative block. Ideas such as creating stories for the people around you or figuring out a reverse mind map, will do wonders to getting the creative juices flowing.

Musicians will be intrigued by Notezart thanks to offering musical scores with a social element. Users can take photos of their paper based music scores then upload them to Notezart, thus being able to view them on their iPad. The public domain music library is available through the app, offering 190,000 scores for added benefit. Throughout, it's possible to share scores with friends easily.

I Woke Up
I Woke Up may solve arguments but it might also provide ammunition for another fight. The app tracks who's been taking care of the baby in the night. Splitting such duties is an understandably big thing for new parents and I Woke Up should prove definitive results as to who is doing what, and hopefully lead to equality.

Michael Johnson's Fun Run
One of a growing number of apps tapping into the pre-Olympic buzz is this game that promises to entertain and educate kids the benefit of eating healthily. A finger racing game at heart, Michael Johnson's Fun Run also offers plenty of fun food facts while conveying the important message that healthier food will keep you running faster.