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Absorb Your Friends in Osmos' New Multiplayer Mode

Posted by Carter Dotson on July 20th, 2012

Osmos initially released on the iPad back in 2010 with an iPhone version releasing later, which makes the game practically ancient by App Store standards. The game just became relevant in 2012, as an update with Game Center multiplayer has been released. The rules vary based on the 6 map types available, which are based on modes with in the singleplayer game, but the goal is generally to absorb the other player, or some central object, before they do the same. Levels are designed to be symmetrical, so no one player has an advantage over the other.

This means that games often have an interesting pacing to them: a slow build-up as players try to carefully tread on their way to becoming bigger, then when a player gets the opportune moment to strike, a rapid chase occurs. Of course, sometimes what happens is that one player gets stuck, but might still win if the other player messes up. Or a player chasing after the other might think they have a clear shot at victory by absorption, before a larger mote comes along and drains them enough, sending them careening to their doom. It’s something that makes for a surprisingly great fit with the established gameplay, while adding a whole new dimension to it. The update is live on both the iPhone and iPad versions of the game.

Osmos Absorbs the iPhone and iPod touch

Posted by Carter Dotson on August 5th, 2010
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Osmos, the PC, Mac, and Linux game from Hemisphere Games, has been in development for a long time for the iOS, initially for the iPhone and iPod touch, but its first release was for the iPad. Now the game is available on the platforms it was originally designed for, the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Osmos for the iPhone and iPod Touch features an identical set of content to the iPad release, just for the smaller screen devices. You control an organism that can absorb smaller ones, and you can shoot pieces of yourself to propel yourself about the various arenas and game modes Osmos provides. The game comes with support for the iPhone 4's Retina Display as well, and is available on the App Store right now for $2.99.

The iPad version was well received by iPad owners, making it the number one game on the App Store shortly after release. I too a look at the iPad version and found it to be beautifully designed and a treat to play. This port should hopefully maintain the quality of the original computer versions and the iPad version.

Osmos for iPad In-Depth Review

iPad App - Designed for iPad
By Carter Dotson on July 9th, 2010
Our rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar :: ABSORBENT
Osmos HD looks and sounds beautiful, and has unique physics-based gameplay to match its looks.
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First Look: Osmos HD

Posted by Carter Dotson on July 5th, 2010

Hempisphere Games' PC game Osmos has received critical accolades from many sources, and is now hoping to receive similar accolades as it prepares to hit the App Store. The first version of the game to be released for iOS is the iPad version, Osmos HD, which will release on July 8th, and I have gotten to play the initial App Store release of the game.

The basic gameplay of Osmos has you controlling an organism that can shoot pieces of itself in any direction to propel it in the opposite direction to move around, and it can absorb other motes that are smaller than yourself, denoted by being colored blue. Your goal is usually to become the largest mote on the game board, but other levels will give you various other objectives, and a variety of level types.

Playing Osmos HD reveals some of the subtleties of the gameplay concept, like how shooting pieces of yourself can be used not just to propel yourself in the opposite direction, but can be used to influence the motion of other objects, which is necessary in some levels, particularly in the Impasse levels where you'll be constantly causing other motes to react with each other to clear space.

Osmos HD's interface feels like it has been designed from the ground up for the iPad, using gestures to increase or decrease the flow of time, zoom in & out, and to open the menu, keeping the screen as free of GUI elements as possible, and focused on the graphics. A screen in the beginning recommends that you wear headphones while playing the game, and I too recommend wearing headphones while playing to properly enjoy the game's ambient soundtrack.

Osmos HD shows some real promise as one of the best audio and visual experiences on the App Store, with unique gameplay to boot when it releases on July 8th.