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Hands-On with ZombieSmash's Multiplayer Update

Posted by Carter Dotson on August 9th, 2011

ZombieSmash is getting its second major content expansion this Thursday. Multiplayer is coming to this zombie-flinging castle defense game, and we have early hands-on impressions of the game's new update.

The multiplayer mode, played online through Game Center, pits two players on their own house defense points, trying to keep their house from being overrun. The two players don't interact directly with each other, but both players will have to fight the same waves of zombies on their own screens.

Powerups come up that allow players to send a large zombie that must be killed by special weapons directly to their opponent. Thus, the strategy becomes in using the special items (which aren't necessarily the same for each player) carefully, so if any big zombies show up, they can be taken out. However, the regular zombies get stronger as the game goes on, so the longer a game goes, the more likely it will be that regular zombies will be the loser's downfall, not necessarily the big zombies. The game randomly selects maps from both the original house and Camp Nowhere scenario released earlier this year, as well as having levels where the zombies all come from one side, as well as the notorious two-sided zombie assault levels.

The multiplayer is played via Game Center matchmaking, and doesn't appear to suffer from any undue lag or other issues, so the play experience is smooth. Note that games can only be played between identical versions of the game, so the iPad version can't play someone on the iPhone version of the game. This is a combination of both Game Center restrictions and because the mechanics of the two versions of the game are different to accommodate the differing screen sizes. The game supports optional voice chat between players; a headset is recommended if not required. The update will be available this Thursday, and will be free for both iPhone/iPod touch and iPad versions of the game.

"Camp Nowhere" Update for ZombieSmash! Coming

Posted by Phillip Levin on March 10th, 2011

Today Gamedoctors announced that it is developing an update for its popular ZombieSmash! and ZombieSmash! HD apps. The title of the update is Camp Nowhere, and it will be available on the App Store this April.

Camp Nowhere doubles the content of the original game. The update includes a second full-length campaign mode with 30 new days to survive. Furthermore, the studio has added a number of new zombie types, including dynamite-strapped zombies that explode, strong zombies and a towering boss to defeat.

The update also features new visual effects, such as fireworks that launch zombies into the air and head inflation effects that balloon zombie heads until they explode. The developer has also implemented parallax scrolling effects, which add depth to the game's graphics.

Camp Nowhere also brings Twitter connectivity to the experience, allowing you to "share your best smashes with the world," according to the developer.

“Although Camp Nowhere is technically an update to ZombieSmash!, calling it one doesn’t really capture the scale of the new content… we prefer to think of it as a completely free sequel which we’ve put months of work into, ” said Dr. Matthias Höchsmann, co-founder of Gamedoctors. “Our fans have been incredibly supportive over the past year, and this is our way of saying ‘thank you.’ Can’t wait to see what you all think of the new campaign!”

The original ZombieSmash! debuted on the iTunes App Store last year to much acclaim. We reviewed it and gave it 4 out of 5 stars. The goal of the game is to defend your house from an onslaught of the walking dead by flicking zombies and strategically using special weapons, such as pistols, landmines and wrecking balls to take out zombies. The game features what its developer calls a "splatter engine," so as you maim zombies you'll see their limbs and blood fly into the air. Despite the gore, the cartoon visuals keep things lighthearted – well as lighthearted as things can be when there are guts everywhere.

Look for Camp Nowhere on the App Store this April, and check out a collection of screenshots from the update below.


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