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Carter Dotson's Favorite Things of 2012

Posted by Carter Dotson on December 28th, 2012

2012 was an amazing year. It was full of new things, old things, and big changes. But of everything that came about in the past year, these are my favorite things:

"Super" Challenging Games

In particular, Super Crate Box and Super Hexagon both left me in states of constant desire, wanting to get that high score while tackling the immense difficulty both games presented. Yet there was one consistent thread in both: failure was usually my fault, the factor of poor execution rather than random chance. It makes success feel all that more empowering. The byproduct of it is constant failure, and frequent profanity usage.

The Story of Mikey Shorts

Another one of my favorite games of the year, and one of the cooler stories too. Developers Mike Gaughen and Mike Meade met on the TouchArcade forums while competing for high scores, and eventually they got together to make the kind of speedrun game that they wanted, and they absolutely stuck the landing on this one.

The indie spirit lives on

2012 was not an easy year for indie developers, and it didn’t get easier. Yet, there were still so many great games from small studios, trying to just execute a great idea or hopefully hit it big. I fear for the future of indies on iOS, but the fact that they keep on trucking is inspiring.

Getting to Attend Game Developers Conference

This was my first GDC, and it was an amazing experience. To go around and talk to the people who create the games we love to play in person is a fantastic experience. And it’s refreshing to see that even those who have hit the mobile gaming jackpot still talk with those who have not had that kind of success get. And hey, nothing makes you feel important like having a press pass and getting into exclusive events. And San Francisco is a beautiful city.


But Chicago is now my home. 2012 was a year of big life events for me, and I finally was able to make a big move, to leave Texas (where I had lived my entire life) and move out far away on my own. I live in a bustling and exciting city, I get to talk to a community game developers and writers that also live here, and the food ain’t bad either.

Note that this is a list of my favorite things of 2012 – I keep getting reminded that winter is coming and it is awful. As such, Chicago may not be on my 2013 list.


Finally, 148Apps. Being part of one of the best app review sites on the Internet has changed my life in innumerable ways. The two and a half years I have been here have opened up new opportunities for me, and allow me to pursue the things that I am passionate about as a career. So for everyone that reads the site and listens to the podcast, I thank you for your support.

Heading to GDC This March

Posted by Rob LeFebvre on February 16th, 2012

We'll be covering the famous Game Developers Conference this year en force, and wanted to let you know about it. The conference is scheduled for March 7 - 9, with some pre-show sessions on the 5th and 6th. It's a fantastic time for developers, vendors, and press covering the games industry to get together and talk about games. Game developers and publishers go to present on their latest game ideas and upcoming releases, gaming hardware and middleware companies go to show off their wares in the exhibitor hall, and the press gathers like excited gadflies, tweeting, posting, and emailing with abandon.

If you're a publisher or developer of iOS (or Android!) games, and you'd like to schedule a meeting with us, shoot an email to us at editor [at] 148Apps [dot] com and we'll figure out a mutually beneficial time to meet up.

Keep an eye on this space and on our twitter accounts (@148Apps, @portablegamer) for all the important news from the show floor.

2010 Game Developer Conference - We'll Be There

Posted by Jeff Scott on March 2nd, 2010

The 2010 Game Developers Conference is rapidly approaching. GDC is again this year focusing a special track on iPhone game development, and we're expecting a bunch of iPhone developers to attend.

If you're going to be in town for GDC, make sure you hit up the iPhone Developers Union / IUGO party at the Marriott Wednesday night. The party last year was a great time and a wonderful way to meet up with iPhone game developers from all over the world.

Since I'm based in SF, I'll be around all week and available to meet up. I would love to meet up and see what you are working on, talk iPhone and iPad gaming, or just grab a beer. If you'd like to meet up, please contact me at jeff.scott {at} 148apps.com.