Fring Now Works Behind The Scenes And In Front of the Camera

Posted by Chris Hall on July 9th, 2010
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Fring, for those not aware, is a free communications hub on the iPhone. In it, you can make and receive free phone calls, send free IM's, and chat with other social networking groups such as Twitter, AIM, Skype, and Google Talk. Obviously the tech is neat on its own, having everything in one spot, but the "free" part is the kicker.

The latest version of Fring, (couldn't they just make it 4.0?) adds a few essential touches to make it the communications app for iPhone 4. Now, with the addition of the front facing camera, you can video chat with your buddies for free, as long as they use Fring or Skype, and are on WiFi or 3G. Also, with iOS4 and its multitasking capability, you can leave Fring running in the background so people can actually call you for free, even when you're not in the app. Instead of using it as a gimmick app, or even just a cheaper way to make calls, you can now completely do away with your extra ATT minutes and just use Fring. Too bad we can't just drop the call plan altogether...

Last but not least... well maybe it is least... is the new ability to merge all of your social network streams into one. Instead of having to search all over the place, you can check your Twitter, Facebook, call updates, and IM's in the same spot.

Go now, download the update or pick up Fring for free. Your phone bill will thank you.