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How The Room: Old Sins understands where fear truly comes from

Posted by Harry Slater on July 25th, 2018

How do you take a series in a new direction when it’s already so well established as The Room? That must have been the question facing Fireproof Games when it sat down to work on The Room: Old Sins. The fourth game in a series is always going to be a tough one to make, and even more so when it’s the newest entry in one of the best-loved franchises in mobile gaming.

Obdurately stick to what came before and you leave yourself open to accusations of resting on your laurels, or try something new and risk losing what made the previous games so great in the first place. But in the end The Room: Old Sins took both paths, and Fireproof created another mobile masterpiece.

The Room Two is Currently on Sale for $0.99

Posted by Ellis Spice on October 7th, 2014
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Our rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar :: FANTASTIC PUZZLING :: Read Review »

As much as I'd like to reveal to you that The Room Two, the great logic puzzle title from Fireproof Games, is currently on sale for 66% off, I'm afraid that you'll need the spyglasses pictured below in order to see this news.

It's a shame, really. You likely would have loved to have known that we gave the game 4.5 stars in our review, and that it currently carries an 8.9 rating over on QualityIndex. But alas, you'll likely never know that this game is very much worth getting at this price, especially with The Room Three set to release next year.