Five For Friday: Week Of June 8

Posted by Jennifer Allen on June 8th, 2012

Where did the last week go? I'm not sure. Probably because I spent as much of it doing as little as possible and enjoying a week off. That didn't stop me keeping an eye on the ever changing App Store for some worthy apps and games that are ideal for trying out over this weekend and beyond.

Soccer Rally: Euro 2012
There's a certain major soccer tournament starting today: namely the European Championships in Poland and Ukraine. There's a plentiful supply of soccer games out there but how about one that combines the sport with racing cars? Now that's something a little different! Soccer Rally: Euro 2012 offers precisely that and it's a fun and quirky combination.

Flickd Movies
For the movie fan, Flickd Movies should be the ideal organizational tool. The app keeps users up to date on any film they happen to be interested in. Flick through the selection of movie posters within the app for inspiration or search for a specific title. However you find the title, it's easy to set the app up in order to be notified of its release or availability via Netflix.

Survival Run With Bear Grylls
Temple Run is fun, right? And Bear Grylls is a pretty cool adventurer to watch on TV. So, how about combining the two? That's kind of what Survival Run offers and all for free. Unlike Temple Run it offers mechanics such as sliding downhill and the need to rescue others along the way.

EURO Cookbook 2012
As previously mentioned, Euro 2012 begins today, which makes it the ideal time to cook up some recipes based on the countries involved. Sure, it's a bit of a leap but it's a fun twist on this time of year. The app offers 32 recipes all based around each of the participating countries. The instructions are detailed and the photos attractive, what more could you need?

Stories About Me
Stories About Me is all about encouraging kids to discuss how they spent their time and create stories of their own experiences. Particularly ideal for those kids who need a bit of extra help, the app enables parents to blend photos, text and audio recordings into a talking picture book, aimed at the child's specific needs. Users can even send their creations to others via Dropbox integration.