Five For Friday: Week Of April 6

Posted by Jennifer Allen on April 6th, 2012

Happy Easter folks. No matter how you may celebrate it, and whether you do or not, we've got some fun Easter themed apps and games to cover in this week's Five For Friday. Much like the event itself, the apps are a little geared towards families but there's still fun to be had for all.

Easter Candy Recipes
Particularly for the non-religious, Easter has become all about eating plenty of chocolate and other good food with the family. Easter Candy Recipes offers plenty of Easter themed recipes to satisfy people's urge for candy and other treats. Cakes and candies are available here, all through well laid out recipes and some tantalizing photos of the results.

What would happen if the Easter Bunny got sick?
An app for the little ones in the family, What would happen if the Easter Bunny got sick? deals with the terrifying proposition of if the Easter Bunny got sick and couldn't deliver all the Easter Eggs! Fortunately, Lucy Goosey comes to the rescue and the story is cute and charming. There's a coloring book included within the app, too.

Easter Bunny Scanner
The Easter Bunny is smart, much like Santa Claus, so he knows how to figure out if a kid has been naughty or nice. This app helps parents keep a check on things by providing a "magic" way of scanning their kids. Parents can, of course, choose what result they want but it's a neat idea to encourage kids.

Color Me !!! Easter Edition
One more app that's ideal for kids and adults in need of regressing - Color Me is a digital coloring book with an Easter theme. There are Easter eggs and bunnies to color in, as well as other Easter based things like smiling eggs. Simple yet cute. Adults might find it quite calming to color in and relax, too!

Easter Egg Invaders
One for older children and adults, Easter Egg Invaders is an example of what happens when good eggs go bad. It's an action packed shoot em up that's a little reminiscent of arcade shoot em ups of old. Easter Eggs from space have come down and need to be defeated across 30 levels of explosions. It's as crazy as it sounds!