DoubleDutch Releases Collaboration App, Pride

Posted by Kevin Stout on June 22nd, 2012

While the internet may complicate business and allow for quite the distance between working team members, that distance doesn't always have to be a hinderance. New and intuitive collaboration software is quickly popping up on many platforms. Pride is a new work collaboration solution on the iPhone by events and enterprise-focused developer DoubleDutch.

DoubleDutch Pride keeps teams up-to-date on current customers and projects being worked on, creates an atmosphere of openness for the team, and reduces the time and energy spent with meetings and constant emailing. Users can post updates with tagged customers, projects, or locations. Users can sort the feeds by customer, project, or the entire team's feed. The app also has a sort of game mechanic were users can earn trophies and badges, view their productivity analytics, and see a leaderboard with their own statistics stacked up against their co-workers.

DoubleDutch Pride is free, so there's no reason for you and your team not to give it a try.