FREEday 5/11/12 - "Gonna Get Me Some FREE Time, FREE Time"

Posted by Rob Rich on May 12th, 2012

Oh yeah, we’re all over the place this week. But I consider that a good thing. It means more of a variety, in addition to all the money people won’t be spending. It’s a win/win as far as I’m concerned.

Directional - We all know about block-clearing puzzles. Match 3, tapping on groups and so on. This one’s a bit different in that players have to swipe the screen in a given direction to clear blocks with arrows (up, down, left, right) on them. It’s an interesting take on the genre, and with two modes (classic and expert) it’s bound to be something of a time-occupier.

Dora - It might be simple, but how could I not want to try a game about a malfunctioning engine of destruction that’s fallen in love with an inanimate household object and just wants to be left alone? I know, right?

Balloon Getaway - Here we have an iOS rail-shooter (think Panzer Dragoon) set in a world full of dirigibles. It’s a genre that I feel is sorely lacking on the App Store, so it’s nice to see a new one from time to time. And if the three available levels don’t feel like enough, there are always more to be had through in-app purchases.

Punch Hero - I can’t help but think of this as a more interactive version of Fighter City. Gamevil has really been pushing the hand-to-hand combat lately, huh? Still, a free game involving customizable (visually and statistically) boxers and plenty of other expected social freemium stuff is certainly worth a look.

Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering - Okay, first off it’s important to note that this game will only work on the iPhone 4 and higher, as well as the iPad 2. That being said, it’s a good-looking action RPG. Five different mercenaries to choose from, lots of magic spells, plenty of equipment, and so on. It’s just a shame that slightly older devices aren’t supported.

Matching Set - Clear out tiles by connecting matching pairs, all under an Egyptian theme. That by itself sounds fine, but each game is restricted by a time limit. A time limit that can be increased by quickly clearing out more tiles. If that doesn’t scream “Massive Time-Eater,” I don’t know what does.

Animator Free - Maybe this kind of thing has faded into obscurity since my generation (god saying stuff like that makes me feel old), but do kids still play around with making flip-books anymore? Remember those? Drawing little cartoons one page at a time, in sequence, then flipping through the pages quickly and getting no small amount of joy from watching the rudimentary animation? Anyone? It better not just be me who thinks being able to do stuff like this on my iPhone is cool.