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Quality Index Ranks November's Top 10 Rated iPhone Games and Apps

Posted by Brad Hilderbrand on December 8th, 2010

If you happen to be curious which recently released iPhone apps and games earned top marks from critics then look no further than this month's breakdown of top rated games from Quality Index. Taking aggregate review scores from well-known outlets such as TiPb, Slide to Play and 148Apps (that's us, yo), QI has ranked the top ten apps and games in two handy-dandy charts. Here's the breakdown of the titles and their overall scores.

Top Ten Games

1. Sentinel 3: Homeworld -9.4
2. Stick Golf - 9.4
3. Galaxy on Fire 2 - 8.8
4. LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 - 8.8
5. Wispin - 8.8
6. Stackster - 8.8
7. Bam Bam Dash - 8.8
8. Mushihimesama Bug Panic - 8.7
9. Monster Feed - 8.7
10. Infection Zone - 8.7

Top Ten Apps

1. MobileMonet - 9.7
2. Mario Batali Cooks! - 9.6
3. Disneyland Paris - 9.6
4. Tapatalk Forum App - 9.5
5. Calvetica Calendar - 9.5
6. Instagram - 9.4
7. ColorBlast! - 9.4
8. John Henry - 9.2
9. Stats for Halo Reach - 9.1
10. Audiogalaxy Mobile - 9.1

Given your own knowledge of the market and particular tastes how closely do your top ten lists from the past month match up with that of the professionals? Do we get to keep our jobs for another month or is it time to throw the bums out and let some folks who actually know what they're talking about?

Looking down the list I don't see any apps which I personally downloaded this past month, but looking at the scores now I'm definitely interested in Sentinel 3 and Stick Golf. I'm also not surprised to see LEGO Harry Potter did so well considering the fact that the LEGO game franchise is generally well-received by critics on top of being utterly adorable.

We'll be back with another batch of numbers when the December results go live, but in the meantime feel free to argue and debate these scores and generally carry on loud and angry conversations. This is the Internet after all; that's what it was made for. Well, one of the main things, anyway.

Disneyland Paris is Now Pocketsized

Posted by Blake Grundman on December 7th, 2010
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Are you planning on traveling to France anytime soon?  How about Paris?  As you well know, there are plenty of other attractions around the city, other than the Eiffel Tower, including a theme park based around a certain cartoon mouse known the world over.  Opened in 1992, Disneyland Paris sees over fifteen million visitors every year.  So wouldn't it seem logical that at least a few of those folks might be iPhone owners?  To address this previously neglected audience, the geniuses behind the biggest tourist attraction in all of Europe are once again proving, "there's an app for that."

The newly introduced Disneyland Paris app is designed to be your guide to both of the Disney theme parks housed within the resort, as well as your one-stop solution for any questions you could ever possibly have.  Among the key features are interactive maps that can point out places of interest in the parks, through your 3GS or iPhone 4's actual camera, augmented reality style.  This in itself would be awesome enough, but that is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Along with the obvious benefits of an app like this, Disney has went above and beyond, providing features such as the ability to take a live look in on the expected wait time for any attraction in real-time. You can even go as far as to use the app to schedule a daily plan for each park,

complete with push notifications if you just so happen to break your schedule.

Whoever came up with the idea for this software needs a hefty pat on the back.  It would be impossible to compute the sheer number of hours spent waiting in line for a ride, when a simple check of this app could tell you that three other rides nearby have no wait time at all.  This is a must-have for any traveler destined to don the magical mouse ears.