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Using Aio Wireless $15 Tablet Plan on an Old iPhone

Posted by Jeff Scott on October 18th, 2013

I recently discovered something interesting. Checking out Aio Wireless, I discovered I could add data-only service to an old iPhone for as low as $15 per month all-in and no contract.

Aio Wireless is the new LTE pre-paid service from AT&T. It's not listed anywhere that it's run by and uses the AT&T network, but this is mentioned in press releases about the service. They offer both recurring and single month services.

Aio Wireless offers a set limit 250MB tablet rate for just $15/month. With additional GB available to add for $10/month. Not a bad deal. To use the Aio service a SIM card will need to be ordered from the site for $9.99 (make sure to order the correct size for the phone or tablet to use). In my test it got to me in just a day.

Once the account is set up and the SIM is registered for the $15/month tablet plan, the SIM will then work in any iOS device that is unlocked and compatible with the AT&T network. Even an iPhone. Voice and SMS won't work, and don't expect it to since this is just a data service. But iMessage will work as well as any other feature that uses the data connection.

The downside, and it's not a big one, is that the service provided for pre-paid cell phone services like this is never first-tier. Meaning it isn't prioritized on the host network like contract services. Aio Wireless specifies that the LTE service is capped at 8MB. Still a great speed, but well below the 30-40Mbps I have seen on AT&T LTE. So data rates will be slower, but still very usable. Especially considering the price.

I'm guessing this little loophole will be closed eventually, but until then it's a great way to give access to an old iPhone or iPad for an extra device for a relative, to use as a hotspot, or to have a device on another network.

AT&T Already Modifying iPad Data Plans

Posted by Jeff Scott on June 2nd, 2010

In a very odd move, less than a month after the launch of the iPad 3G, AT&T are changing the iPad data plans and getting rid of the unlimited data plan. As mentioned in a previous article, AT&T are modifying their data plans and going forward will only support a 200MB for $15/mo and 2GB for $25/mo plans.

Since iPad users are not under contract, AT&T has the right to change the plans as often as they like. But if you are currently subscribed to one of the old plans, you can keep using that plan. Going forward though, instead of the 250MB and unlimited data plans, customers will have the option to purchase 2GB of data for $25/month. And instead of $15 for 250MB, iPad users will only get 200MB for $15/month.

I'm found it hard use up the 250MB plan in the first month of use. I only used around 150MB on my iPad 3G, so I don't think I'll switch to the unlimited plan. But I'm happy to keep getting and extra 50 MB for my $15 per month.