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TEPPEN guide - Tips and tricks for new players

Posted by Campbell Bird on July 12th, 2019

TEPPEN is a wild game that nobody asked for, but I’m sure glad it exists. Who would’ve thought that a CCG featuring Capcom characters could be so cool and weird?

In case you’re not completely sure what TEPPEN is, make sure to check out our review where we explain this wacky game. Then, come back here for some beginner tips that might help you as you start playing the game.

Devil May Cry 4: Refrain Coming to iPhone

Posted by Brad Hilderbrand on January 11th, 2011

Dante and Nero have spent a long time slaying demons and battling evil on consoles, but now the ghoul-hunting duo is poised to make their grand debut on the iPhone. Capcom has confirmed that iOS will be getting its very own edition of Devil May Cry 4, subtitled Refrain.

The smartphone edition of the game will follow the same plot as the console edition, with players taking control of newcomer Nero rather than series stalwart Dante. Don't sweat it, playing as Nero feels very familiar to anyone who's tried out the franchise previously, and he acquits himself quite well. Nero's arsenal consists of a gigantic sword, dual pistols and a wicked demon hand that can dish out some serious punishment. Players who vary their combos between weapons and rack up big hit streaks will be rewarded with a flood of red orbs which can be used to upgrade each piece of Nero's arsenal.

The game will consist of 10 levels and Nero's movement and attacks are controlled via an onscreen virtual joystick and three attack buttons on the lower right hand side of the screen.While this opens the door to a number of quick and hopefully effortless combos we'll have to reserve judgment until we play the game ourselves to see how well it works. The DMC series has long been predicated on careful timing and fluid combos, so we hope the same precision and attention to detail has been built into this version.

In addition to the story mode Capcom has confirmed that later updates will include Dante as a playable character as well as new challenge levels for the truly hardcore. Hopefully these extra stages will satisfy fans who thrive on DMC's sometimes insane difficulty level where one wrong move means certain death. Hopefully the story mode will be a bit more forgiving for the rest of us. At any rate the game goes on sale later this month for $6.99 with updates to follow soon thereafter. Good luck out there everyone and happy hunting!

[via SlidetoPlay]