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The Portable Podcast, Episode 151

Posted by Carter Dotson on August 21st, 2012

Farming and escaped critters, some of the hot topics on this week's episode!

On This Episode:

  • The developers of Puzzle Craft discuss the inspirations philosophies behind the creation of their match-3/simulation hybrid.
  • One of the creators of Critter Escape discusses how they plan to fit the title in to their larger universe they're trying to create.

  • Episode Cast:

  • Host: Carter Dotson
  • Guests: Bartek Rozbickl and Artur Ganszyniec, Ars Thanea
  • Guest: Michael Derrig, Kiz Studios

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    Critter Escape! Review

    + Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
    By Rob Rich on August 17th, 2012
    Our rating: starstarstarstarblankstar :: SCIENTIFIC PROGRESS GOES *POOF*
    It's madness, mayhem, and lots of hats in this wacky maze chase.
    Read The Full Review »

    Critter Escape! to Overrun the App Store Soon

    Posted by Rob Rich on June 29th, 2012

    Scientists seem to love locking up tiny animals and experimenting on them. At least in video game fiction. The fortunate thing about this is that it makes for plenty of opportunities to create a game based around escaping the evil scientific facility. In this particular instance it’s the driving factor behind Chillingo and Kiz Studios’ new maze chase iOS title, Critter Escape!.

    As is to be expected, players will have to guide a “so ugly it’s cute” critter through level after level of increasingly perplexing mazes full of enemies, obstacles, power-ups, and challenges. Simply completing a stage should be simple enough no matter the player’s gaming prowess, but getting the coveted three star rating will require some fairly significant skills. Especially in the latter half of the game’s 120 levels. This requires not only making it to the exit, but also grabbing the crystal hidden somewhere in the maze, as well as completing a specific challenge such as finishing without being seen or under a certain time limit.

    Critter Escape! isn’t just “another” maze chase game, however. While it defaults to a line-drawing control scheme (other options are available, including a virtual stick), it’s a very smart line-drawing controls scheme that automatically finds its way around obstacles. It also features a wealth of customization options that can be cosmetic (i.e. a funny hat) or both cosmetic and game-changing (i.e. a ninja suit that makes it easier to avoid guards). There’s also plenty of hidden content (bonus levels, etc) to encourage repeat play.

    Keep an eye out for on-the-lamb potato monsters at the end of the summer, when Critter Escape! will be available to the masses for $0.99.