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Everplay Interactive and CookieBit Announce Horde of Heroes for iOS, Due Out April 24

Posted by Tre Lawrence on March 27th, 2014

Everplay Interactive is partnering with CookieBit to bring iOS users Horde of Heroes. The game melds Match-3 gameplay and RPG elements to create a medieval fantasy that has upgradeable equipment and quests.

Everplay Director Kris Jones says: “We are attempting to break into the popular puzzle genre by combining hardcore elements with a casual experience, all while keeping Everplay's snarky humor, retro art-style, and pick-up and play personality. Being free to play allows us to bring Horde of Heroes to the widest audience possible by eliminating the paid barrier of entry. To ensure that we made our free to play experience as fair and fun as possible, we made each member of our team complete the game without spending any money."

Horde of Heroes is due out on the App Store April 24.

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