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Codename Cygnus Update Adds Over 20 Achievements and Reduces the Price of Mission 1 to $2.99

Posted by Andrew Stevens on January 17th, 2014
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
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A new update arrives for Codename Cygnus, adding over 20 Game Center achievements and improvements to its speech recognition, VoiceOver accessibility, and iOS7 user interface features. Along with the update comes a reduced price to Mission 1, making it available for only $2.99 - originally $6.99.

"After launch we realized that the completion of Mission 1 story content was only one of the many goals we needed to accomplish next," said Jonathon Myers, CEO and Creative Director at Reactive Studios. "We had to entirely refocus, optimize for iOS7, and streamline the savegame profile experience for mobile. We had to make it elegant and anonymous to move forward."

Reactive Games to Drop Price and Address Concerns Over Codename Cygnus Facebook Requirements

Posted by Rob Rich on September 6th, 2013
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Codename Cygnus is a pretty cool idea. A sentiment that our own Lee Hamlet agrees with wholeheartedly. However, there have apparently been several concerns regarding the interactive radio drama's Facebook login requirements; an issue that Reactive Games plans to tend to as early as next week.

The new update, which has already been submitted and is pending approval, will remove the Facebook login requirement entirely and give players the choice to save their content online (through the login) or opt out and store it locally. "It was a really dumb thing to do," according to Jonathon Myers, Creative Director at Reactive Studios, "We needed a way to support our dedicated players with the creation of save game profiles online, but requiring a Facebook login from all players was far too much to ask. We really regret it, and we're very happy to listen to our fans and make this immediate change."

In addition to the liberation of social media requirements, Codename Cygnus' first episode (clocking in at about 15 minutes) will be free for a limited time, and the Mission 1 purchase (i.e. all episodes) will be $1 off at $6.99.

So no swansong for Codename Cygnus just yet! I know. I'm sorry.

Codename Cygnus Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Lee Hamlet on September 3rd, 2013
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Codename Cygnus is an interactive radio drama that puts players in the shoes of a secret agent, then thrusts them into a handful of classic spy movie scenarios.
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Codename Cygnus To Bring Its Interactive Radio Drama To iOS Later This Month

Posted by Andrew Stevens on August 19th, 2013

Codename Cygnus is an interactive radio drama where players progress through multiple-choice dialogue by using a spoken word or tapping on the screen. It features over 25 voice actors, including Rob Wiethoff (John Marston, Red Dead Redemption), Logan Cunningham (Rucks, Bastion), and Sarah Elmaleh (Skulls of the Shogun), which players can expect to hear later this month when the game releases.

Check out the game in action in the gameplay trailer below.