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Lineweight review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Campbell Bird on November 18th, 2020
Our rating: starstarstarhalfstarblankstar :: SCROLLING WITH STYLE
Lineweight is a brief but ultra-stylish piece of interactive fiction.
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Intake: Be Aggressive Review

iPad App - Designed for iPad
By Carter Dotson on May 1st, 2014
Our rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar :: HIGH SCORES
Intake is a fast-paced game that's great to play for 5 minutes or 5 hours.
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Intake from Cipher Prime Coming to iPad May 1: Catch the Recap of Our Exclusive Premiere Twitch Stream

Posted by Carter Dotson on April 23rd, 2014

Cipher Prime's Inake is coming to iPad on May 1, as exclusively revealed yesterday on our Twitch channel.

This dubstep-fueled action-puzzle game is, according to William Stallwood of Cipher Prime, who joined up for the stream, pretty much a straight-up port of the PC version - in a sense. Some tweaks have been made to the game that will come to the PC version on May 1 as well, but ultimately it's the same game with the same content. The difference is in the way it's played: the game supports full multitouch controls on the iPad, so it's a new approach to a familiar game.

Check out the video below of me going through the first 25 levels, which took some practice to get that far:

Watch some of the special levels, available in Challenge Modes:

Watch the whole broadcast here:

[twitchrecorded 522150315]

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Splice: Tree of Life Review

iPad App - Designed for iPad
By Jennifer Allen on August 30th, 2012
Our rating: starstarstarstarblankstar :: HARSH YET GREAT
Splice is a beautiful and artistic indie puzzle game. Expect it to be challenged hugely, however!
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Fractal: Make Blooms Not War Review

By Jordan Minor on August 25th, 2011
Fractal: Make Blooms Not War is a new puzzle game from the people who brought you Auditorium and Pulse: Volume One.
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Extra Songs Added For Pulse: Volume One

Posted by Jennifer Allen on June 9th, 2011
iPad App - Designed for iPad
Our rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar :: RHYTHMICALLY AWESOME :: Read Review »

Music rhythm game Pulse: Volume One was a big hit last month when John Bardinelli reviewed and raved about it. However it was lacking in content at the time weighing in with only 8 songs at all, meaning less than 15 minutes worth.

Developer Cipher Prime has taken this on board and a new update for the game has just been released. This update adds four new and thrilling levels showcasing tracks written exclusively for the game. They're an excellent bunch too, each song coming from independent musicians local to the Philadelphia area. In order of appearance and difficulty level, there's Cooper and the Fantastic Machine with "Klokwerk," George and Jonathan with "Tidbits," Ghost Fight with "Veedja" and Zilla Persona with "Follow My Voice."

It's worth noting that these are all rather challenging for the player but it does mean a 50% increase in song numbers for the games.

Cipher Prime also promises new updates soon which should be great to see.

Pulse: Volume One's update is available now.

For those who haven't played Pulse: Volume One yet, it's a $4.99 download and is well worth the asking price.