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Holiday App Sales Galore [Updated x3]

Posted by Brad Hilderbrand on December 22nd, 2010

Last month our Thanksgiving meals were stuffed with lots of deeply discounted apps, and it seems that publishers are getting into the Christmas spirit in much the same way. We've got a whole slew of apps available at rock bottom prices just in time for your holiday celebrations, many at their lowest prices ever. Make sure and act fast though, as many of these apps are available for an extremely limited time.

Also, be sure and keep checking this post regularly, as we'll be updating all the new deals as they are announced. Much like Santa, we don't stop working until Christmas, and we're paid in milk and cookies. Speaking of, if you could leave out some chocolate chip oatmeal cookies that would be delightful.

Update 12/23, 1:45pm: Just a minor update. Nearly tripled the number of great sales apps!! Lots of great things here, many at the lowest prices we've ever seen. Seems like you can buy a lot of entertainment for $0.99 these days. The list has gotten so long that we've had to split it into multiple pages -- sorry about that, but if we don't it will kill many people's browsers.

Update 12/24, 10:30am: Added a bunch of great title from EA now that we know they won't be raising the prices over the holiday weekend. Also a few dozen more great apps and games.

Update 12/24, 6:15pm: Added even more great apps bringing our astonsishing total up to 355 great apps on sale. Let's hope Santa brings us lots of iTunes gift cards for Christmas.

We've got over 180 250 355 top quality apps on our list. Hit the jump for the full list!

Namco's iOS Christmas Sale

Posted by Chris Hall on December 21st, 2010

Namco, of worldwide PAC-MAN fame, is having a huge iOS Christmas sale that will last until January 3rd. With a ton of apps that are going for $0.99 and $1.99, there's just no reason for people to not play the heck out of all the Namco games they can get their hands on. Enough talk though, here's the Christmas sale!

House of Glass – in-app purchase lowered to $2.99
BIT.TRIP BEAT Blitz – in-app purchase levels lowered to $0.99

BIT.TRIP.BEAT was definitely one of my favorite retro experiences over the past year. Taking the classic Pong game and pumping in some heavy interactive beats and crazy graphics, BIT.TRIP.BEAT will definitely entertain anyone looking for an extremely stylish retro gaming remix. It won't haunt your Pong loving dreams like Be2: Escape From Pongland, but it is definitely a game worth playing.

Isaac Newton's Gravity - $0.99
Mishap - $1.99
Mishap for iPad - $1.99

More Brain Exercise with Dr. Kawahsima - $1.99
Dr. Kawashima is the pioneer of tying brain exercise to video games with the huge success of Brain Age on Nintendo DS. After selling millions of copies of his book, many more millions of copies of his branded game on the DS, Namco decided to bring the brain training guru to the App Store. More Brain Exercise isn't quite as advanced as Brain Age, but if brain training is what you are looking for you've come to the right place. At this discounted price you definitely won't be disappointed.

More Brain Exercise with Dr. Kawahsima HD - $1.99
Mr. Driller - $0.99

Ms. PAC-MAN - $1.99
Ms. PAC-MAN, whether you like it or not, was the very first game to tie into Apple's Game Center. While I prefer regular PAC-MAN, gamers looking to capture a bit of gaming history can download the game and attempt to crack the global top 50 list... a list littered with hard core gamers that were patiently waiting for other games to populate the Game Center system. Good luck! The competition is stiff.

PAC-MAN - $1.99
PAC-MAN for iPad - $1.99
PAC-Match Party - $0.99
PAC-Match Party HD - $0.99
Pole Position: Remix - $0.99
Pool Pro Online 3 - $0.99
Pool Pro Online 3 for iPad - $0.99
Star Trigon - $0.99

Tamagotchi: 'Round the World - $0.99
Tamagotchi? In the App Store? As an app reviewer I feel like I should hang my head in shame, but as an adult stuck in the late 90's, all I can say is O.M.G. The App Store's description says that I can "Eat, dance, play and even poop your way to a happier and healthier planet!" Perfect.