FREEday 6/22/12 - "You can Make Me FREE, You can Make Me Smile”

Posted by Rob Rich on June 22nd, 2012

No zombies and no town-building this week, hurray! I did notice once the list was complete that there’s a bit of a focus on combat and war, but I’m sure that’s just a coincidence and not indicative of any suppressed urges. Right?

Atomic Pursuit - Pick a faction and start trekking through space. Players have to get their ship to a new planet in order to start colonizing, but they have to be careful. Not only will asteroids threaten the integrity of the hull, but there’s a limited oxygen supply. It’ll require fast thinking and even faster piloting in order to get that rocket to its destination in one piece.

Banzai Blade - We’ve all messed around with finger-slicing games at some point, but not many like this. Players will have to cut down invading demons, redirect projectiles, and otherwise keep the world safe from harm using only a finger. Blossoms collected through play can be used to upgrade swords and armor, as well as game-changing carms.

Apocalypse Knights - These aren’t your typical knights. Yes, it’s all about slaughtering hordes of demons (newly thawed thanks to melting icecaps), but this ain’t the Dark Ages. Players will have access to a host of semi-futuristic weapons and biomechanical mounts as they cut through the invading army, as well as special skills tied to each armament. Collect ‘em all and show ‘em off is the key element here. That and smashing demons in the face.

Fish with Attitude - I enjoy a bit of fishery on my iPhone from time to time, but I’ve never raised fish like this. These aquatic critters sport very different (and extreme) personalities, complete with bizarre outfits and expressions to match. Yes, I said outfits. There’s treasure hunting, various tasks associated with animal care, and the joy of watching some truly weird fish interact with one another. What’s not to like?

Cat War - Cats and dogs are ready to throw-down for our amusement once again. Players assume control of the Cat army; using workers together resources, constructing barracks, training soldiers, hiring heroes, and more in this 2D strategy game. Different units will work better with others, so it’s important to experiment to find a combination that works for a given play style. Plus it’s cats.

ENDI Tank Battle Multiplayer - Ah, multiplayer vehicular combat games. I’ve miss them. Take on friends or total strangers in this toy-themed free-for-all, complete with tank-melting power-ups and several different tanks to suit a variety of play styles. With three different game modes available already and even more on the way, this is one frag fest that’s bound to keep people busy.