FrEEday Vol 61

Posted by Chris Nitz on October 7th, 2011

My Country: Build Your Dream City:
Players that grow bored with old-school city building games that lack any sort of real action may finally have something worth playing. While building a marvelous city, players face the standard chores like developing transportation systems, constructing powerful industries, and controlling energy usage. The game is not limited to simple building chores, as there are hundreds of tasks to take on that will benefit the growth of the city. Who knows, maybe Godzilla will come and visit and boost that tourism rating.

Lost Monkey:
It always sucks when teleporters go on the fritz and blast monkeys across time and space to some tropical island. Will anyone help this lost monkey get home by leveling up through fast-paced mini-games? Players willing to aid in this task are with gold to spend on toys, new games and decorations to help spruce up that new island home. Come for the mini-games but stay for the cute story and entertaining gameplay.

How good are those stacking skills, because they are about to be put to the test. This game contains 60 challenging levels that will have players tilting, swiping, and shaking a floating platform to balance blocks as they fall onto the playing field. The game will take players across three gorgeous worlds while trying to pile a variety of blocks of all shapes and sizes onto the platform. Who will rule the top of the leader board?

Crystal Soul:
This game blends an unique puzzle mechanic with deep strategy game play and sprinkles it with a bit of role-playing elements. Players will need to choose one of three classes, each with their own unique skills, to take on a variety of quests. It will become imperative to fully know the character and their abilities as the strategy aspect will put that knowledge to the test, especially with limited energy and skill usage. With two modes of play, this game is sure to keep players occupied for several lunch break sessions.

Tiny Invaders:
While the world has had to fight off countless alien invasions, this game brings a new spin for the invader. Space germs are here and they want to rule over this world. But instead of taking on the role of the defender, players will be playing as the alien microbes. It is up to the player to control these invaders as the move from host to host, enslaving the minds of millions. This action-puzzle game spans 60 levels, each with a unique challenge and plenty of bodily defense systems to hide from. It is only a matter of time before the planet bows down to their alien overlords.