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Nerf Hoops Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Nadia Oxford on September 10th, 2014
Our rating: starstarstarblankstarblankstar :: AN AVERAGE DAY ON THE COURT
Nerf Hoops is essentially Paper Toss with commercial branding. It's not bad, but it's not remarkable either.
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Backflip Studios Announces Third Party Publishing Initiative with New Games from HandCircus, Lightbox Interactive

Posted by Jeff Scott on March 12th, 2014

Backflip has been around the block a few times. Starting with their original smash hit Paper Toss all the way through their recent hit Ninjump. In an plan to use their knowledge of making great games, and perhaps to utilize their installed base for cross promotion, they have decided to start third party publishing mobile games.

The first two games announced are from HandCircus and Lightbox Interactive. HandCircus are most famous in the iOS world for creating the first famous iOS platformer, Rolando (side note: oh how I miss Rolando). Lightbox has yet to release an iOS game.

First up, Seabeard from HandCircus. From the looks of this it's a casual title influenced by games like The Legend of Zelda and Animal Crossing. Take a look at the trailer below for an idea of how the game feels. From exploring the seas, farming, and questing in dungeons, there's a wide variety of game types covered here. I had a short time with a very early version of the game and it holds great promise; doubly so with a pedigree of HandCircus and Backflip. Keep an eye on this one.

Here's the teaser trailer for Seabeard.

Not to be ignored, the first mobile title from Lighthouse Interactive also looks amazing. Sort of a FTL + space simulator + arcade, Plundernauts is a cell-shaded space strategy that I can't wait to play. Take a look at the trailer below for some idea of what is coming. Yeah, this could be pretty darn good. This game is currently in soft launch in Canada and we'll have more soon.

Ragdoll Blaster 3 Review

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
By Carter Dotson on February 9th, 2012
Our rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar :: A BLAST
Ragdoll Blaster 3 is the newest, most colorful entry in the Ragdoll Blaster franchise from Backflip Studios.
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Solitaire by Backflip Review

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
By Rob Rich on August 24th, 2011
Our rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar :: ACES!
Backflip Studios' take on the virtually timeless classic may just be the best iOS iteration yet, and it's free!
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Backflip Announces "Summer of Free" Promotion With Four New Free Games

Posted by Carter Dotson on June 9th, 2011

Backflilp Studios have been quite prolific on iOS and Android, with a variety of both paid and free releases for both platforms. In fact, Backflip has just announced that they have reached 100 million downloads of their games across all platforms. This is helped in part by their domination of the top charts, like how they currently own 3 of the top 30 free iPad app slots, topped by Strike Knight HD currently at #1. The numbers look to only increase, as Backflip is preparing a "Summer of Free" promotion. The recently-released Strike Knight HD is part of the promotion, and three more titles will be coming out as part of it. Backflip Solitare, releasing in early July, is a take on the classic card game, featuring a focus on stylish graphical effects and the collection of in-game currency for prizes. Boss Battles, launching in August, is a top-down shooter where a bounty hunter with an upgradable ship takes on continual waves of bosses, one after another. Oh, and did I mention that the bounty hunter is a raccoon? This should promise to be a comical and irreverent experience.

However, the last piece of the "Summer of Free" promotion is the newly-released puzzle game Shape Shift. This goal of the game is to match 4 pieces of the same color together. The user can swap any two pieces around on the board; the caveat is that the pieces must be of the same shape. This is where the challenge comes in, as pieces must be recognized for their center shape as well as their color; it's a similar challenge as to the mental exercise of trying to name a color based on the actual word presented, instead of the actual color of the word. The game features no external time limit pressuring the user; the game only ends if one of the bomb pieces isn't removed before it detonates in a certain number of turns in the game's Classic Mode. The Zen Mode allows users to play endlessly, with no bombs or limits affecting play. The games are ad-supported, with the ability to pay $0.99 in the app to remove the ads. The game also comes with Game Center support for leaderboards. Shape Shift comes in both iPhone/iPod touch and iPad versions, and is available now as a free download. Check out a gallery and trailer for the game below.

This isn't the end of Backflip's release plans, as they plan to update Strike Knight with Retina Display support soon, and will release the game on Android. There are other unannounced free games in the pipeline, as well as a paid version of Ragdoll Blaster 3 coming down the pipeline.

Backflip Studios Announces 5 Upcoming, Free Games

Posted by Ben Harvell on May 19th, 2010
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Backflip Studios, the developer behind Paper Toss and Ragdoll Blaster has announced that it will be launching five new games on the App Store this month, all of which will be free. The company has also announced that it has seen over 26 million downloads in its first year of app development with many more to come. On top of this success, Backflip will also be publishing a number of games from other developers over the next few months. While some complain about apps that are supported by advertising, nobody can complain about great games that don't cost a penny and it seems Backflip is happy to provide us with just that.

So what does Backflip have in store for us?

Strike Knight
First on the roster is Strike Knight, a puck bowling game similar to arcade machines of the past, that sees the user compete for a high score while being taunted by The Strike Knight himself. This app just went live for iPhone and can be downloaded here.

Harbor Havoc 3D Free
Later this month, Harbor Havoc 3D, Backflip’s popular “Flight Control with boats” game will be rereleased as a free app.

Graffiti Ball
Graffiti Ball, slated for an early June release, involves using your iPhone to direct a ball to a target while also picking up bonuses using a spray paint can and gravity.

Paper Toss HD
Of the over 20 million users of the highly addictive Paper Toss, those with iPads will be excited to see Paper Toss HD arrive in mid-June.

Coming in late June is Ninjump, which sounds like a lot of fun. The game sees a ninja, being pursued by other ninjas, climbing up two buildings, jumping between the two and picking up bonuses.

Hit the jump for more screenshots from upcoming Backflip Studios games.