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The Pre-Order Campaign for Sproutling, the Baby Monitor App that Predicts a Baby’s Behavior, is Live

Posted by Jessica Fisher on August 11th, 2014

Like a Fitbit for your baby, Sproutling is an app combined with a wearable band that monitors your baby's status and helps you understand how to be a more effective parent. The app records the baby's heartbeat, if the baby is sleeping on their back or stomach, temperature of the room, and the baby's mood when they awaken.

Based on the collected info, Sproutling predicts when the baby will wake up and if the environment will interfere with their ability to sleep.

Sproutling's pre-order campaign has launched with a price of $249 (vs. the retail price that is estimated at $299). The developers are looking to hit $50,000 for the first round of monitors that will ship in early 2015.

You can pre-order a Sproutling at www.sproutling.com

App Update: Fire Escapes Adds Ninja Babies, Game Center Achievements, and More

Posted by Rob LeFebvre on October 2nd, 2012
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Our rating: starstarstarhalfstarblankstar :: SAVE THE BABIES :: Read Review »

We gave 3.5 stars to Fire Escapes, the baby-saving game from developer headRUSH. It's been updated to include new babies (Ninja baby!), achievements, new controls and more. Check the full list below.

What's new in 1.1?
There's a new baby on the block! Be on the lookout - he's dressed in Green.
Just when you think you got them beat, the Ninjas learn some new moves.
Game Center Achievements? Got 'em. Try and get Tilt Hero.
We hear you that tap controls are the way to play and so we made them the default for new players.
Tilt sensitivity has been improved for those with a steady hand.
We also updated the help screen to let you know that you can toggle between control types in the Options menu.

Educational Interaction For Babies With Baby's Musical Hands

Posted by Jennifer Allen on July 12th, 2011

Babies are fascinated by pretty much everything going. It's no wonder too. After all, the world is an exciting and fun place to be in when you've never seen it before! While some technology is a little mature for little ones and the likes of Angry Birds might be out of reach for a few years yet, that doesn't mean that babies can't enjoy the iPad as much as any adult.

The latest app to help babies enjoy touch based interaction is Baby's Musical Hands. It's an app that features 15 brightly colored squares that babies can touch and interact with. Tapping a red square makes a drum sound while yellow plays piano notes and blue squares play a guitar noise. It's the kind of fun that babies will instantly love, feeling that they can change so much with a simple tap of the screen. Every now and then, a touch produces a rainbow burst of stars also which will no doubt cause a giggle of happiness from any baby trying it out. The overall mixture of audio and visual feedback is bound to cause delight as well as inform babies just how useful interacting with things is.

Full multi-touch support is there so that the iPad can never be overwhelmed by the baby wanting to touch in a few different places. For a more quiet experience, parents are also able to either use the iPad mute switch or turn the volume down so that the baby can continue to enjoy the visual joys without the sounds that come with it.

Having been developed by a father, Owen Goss of Streaming Colour Studios, Baby's Magical Hands is geared perfectly towards babies as they learn to interact with the world around them.

The app is available now for the iPad.