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Todo 7 Review

+ Universal & Apple Watch App - Designed for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch
By Jennifer Allen on November 11th, 2013
Our rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar :: PRACTICALLY VITAL
Stunning to look at and offering the features one wants from a task management app, Todo 7 will be quite the hit for those wanting to organize their lives better.
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iOS 7: Appigo Releases New Todo 7 Task Manager

Posted by Jeff Scott on September 18th, 2013
+ Universal & Apple Watch App - Designed for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch
Our rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar :: PRACTICALLY VITAL :: Read Review »

Appigo has a long history in the App Store. This whole new version of Todo brings the design in line with iOS 7 and adds a whole new crop of features.

1. REAL PRODUCTIVITY. Unlike lightweight, freebie or cutesy list tools, Todo 7 is useful when you have a deadline, NEED to focus, prioritize and get things done quickly--from home or school projects to dozens of detailed work tasks.

Includes: Projects, Sub-tasks, Start Dates, Due Dates, Recurring Tasks (with detailed recurring options), Multiple Task Alerts, Overdue Tasks, Drag and Drop, Search, Print Lists, Folders, and much more.

2. PROVEN GTD METHODOLOGY. Todo uses the popular Getting Things Done approach with Focus To-do Lists, Starred Tasks, Multi-level Priorities, Quick Entry, Context, and Projects with Layered and Prioritized Sub-Tasks—all recommended GTD approaches.

3. BUILT-IN SYNCING. Sync automatically in the background with Microsoft Outlook, Dropbox, iCloud, Toodledo, Todo Cloud 7 and to-do apps installed on your other devices. Keep everything in sync and never be locked into a specific service—your data remains yours.


-Geotagging. Reminds you of tasks when close to task location. This way you will remember the milk when you get near a grocery store.

-Contacts Integration. Link your task to a contact and call, text, or email "John" with one tap.

-Context. Organizes your task by activity or location (i.e. home, work, errands...) so you won’t be distracted with your “home” tasks while you are at work.

-Email Task Sharing. Share your tasks via email with your contacts. Keep everyone updated.

Appigo Introduces Todo Exchange Tasks

Posted by Jennifer Allen on May 30th, 2012
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

In the past, Appigo has always done a great job of providing useful tools for those in need of organizing their lives and becoming more productive. Its products such as Todo and Notebook have continued to evolve, keeping consistently relevant for its users.

Today marks the release of a new app from the firm -- one particularly aimed at business-focused users. Todo Exchange Tasks gives that same to-do list app quality that regular Todo provided but it also enables users to directly access their to-do list stored on a Microsoft Exchange server.

Connecting up via Microsoft Exchange 2007 and 2010 using ActiveSync, it sounds so simple and that's because it is. Users can quickly view their to-do lists via their iOS device as well as create new tasks and mark them as completed. Task organization is also possible and everything is automatically synced.

For those who regularly access a Microsoft Exchange Server for work, this will be an essential purchase.

Todo Exchange Tasks is out now priced at $9.99.

Appigo's Notebook App Comes To iPad And Adds DropBox

Posted by Greg Dawson on January 25th, 2012
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
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Originally designed for the iPhone, Appigo's Notebook app has gone through a major update and is now a universal app designed to play nicely with the iPad as well. The productivity app is well known for offering a simple user interface and solid feature set to create, share and edit notes. The new 2.0 version is now optimized for Dropbox syncing, which allows the user to share notes on all iOS devices as well as Mac and PC platforms. In addition to sharing between the user's devices, this new support makes sharing with friends, family or colleagues even easier.

The update plays off the company's thought that adding a powerful collaboration tool was necessary for its users. The new version adds a familiar notebook interface with full-screen editing capabilities and overall the update seems to be a cost effective productivity tool for users with multiple iOS devices. The notes are saved in standard text format and is compatible with PC and Mac text editing applications. Notebook is available on the iTunes App Store for $4.99.

Appigo's Todo Apps to Synchronize With Upcoming Mac Version

Posted by Carter Dotson on May 4th, 2011

Appigo is developing a version of their task management app Todo for the Mac App Store. The app will come with a variety of features for Mac to improve the desktop platform experience, including Multi-Adaptive Windows, and Task Zooming. These are designed to help users view more tasks and more details on those tasks while on their Mac. As Calvin Gaisford, Appigo's CEO, describes it, "Todo for Mac breaks the rigid one-window app style and allows users to open multiple windows and customize them to match their workflows. However, what users of the current iOS versions will be excited about are the options for synchronization between the upcoming Mac version and the iOS versions.

Todo will be getting Cloud Sync options between Todo for Mac and the iOS versions. Synchronization will come in multiple flavors: Todo Online, a subscription service for $19.99 per year that allows you to sync up your versions of Todo between all of your platforms. The free, online-only version comes with a 14-day trial of synchronization between versions. As well, users can sync versions of Todo for free over local wifi networks. As well, the free third-party service Toodledo will be supported by Todo for Mac for synchronization, so Appigo isn't just limiting their apps to their own services - they're also supporting other services that users might want to use, including synchronization with the desktop iCal. No matter what service you choose for synchronization, you'll know that your tasks are being synced up between devices, however you choose.

Todo for Mac is currently in beta, with plan for release later this summer. Users looking to get their life figured out and synchronized up across all their platforms will have new options available in the near future, and more options available if they use Appigo's Todo software. While the synchronization won't be up to full swing for Mac users quite yet, Todo for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad are available now.

Corkulous Learns To Share

Posted by Chris Hall on October 1st, 2010
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

I'm not sure what it is, but something about the iPad just screams "cork board." Maybe it's because the iPad is the perfect size for a little note/ picture collection center. Whatever the reason, cork board apps have been fairly popular on the iPad, and Corkulous seems to stand out from the crowd.

Not resting on their laurels though, the team at Appigo has updated Corkulous to add sharing and cork board templates, two additions that are definitely appreciated.

Board sharing in Corkulous can be done by either using the entire board, a specific view of the board, or just a collection of selected items. These items can be shared via email, placed in a website for download via mobile Safari, or sent via iTunes File Sharing.

The new template feature makes it possible for users to make Corkulous templates for common uses. Appigo uses a college student as an example, as they could make a note taking template for daily lectures.

“Corkulous works extremely well on the iPad and weʼve been getting great reviews from customers,” said Calvin Gaisford, Appigoʼs CEO. “Weʼre excited to see what kinds of new uses Corkulous board sharing brings to the iPad.”

Be sure to download the 1.6 update (out now), and if you don't have the app yet, pick it up and save a cork tree.

Todo 4 Makes Task Management Even Easier

Posted by Chris Hall on September 30th, 2010
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
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Todo, from Appigo, has long been one of the best task management apps on the iPhone, and now the iPad. Back in Jan, 2009, when we did the original review, we touted its streamlined interface and its free online syncing as the features that put the app above the rest, but the new Todo 4 adds even more to the already impressive app.

The major update for Todo 4 is its implementation of iOS4 features. With the new update, users can take calls or switch to other apps during synchronization, and can use local notifications to continuously update the icons badge so you know exactly how much you have to get done. The iPhone 4 version (and soon the iPad version) also uses local notifications to remind you of tasks, so you'll get what you need to know regardless of network connectivity.

Other features include:

  • Passcode locking throughout the app.

  • Synching with the brand new Todo Online system ($19.99/yr.), which syncs your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and computers together via wifi or 3G.

  • Updates to Appigio Sync (free), allowing for syncing with iCal and Outlook.
  • "Appigo has taken Todo 4 to a new level that is far beyond other to-do list apps available on the iPhone or iPad," said Calvin Gaisford, Appigo's CEO. "With the amazing features of iOS 4, monitoring and completing tasks during the day is now possible even when Todo isn't running."

    Be sure to download the new update today, and if you don't have Todo yet, now would be a great time to hop on board. It'll cost you less than your venti mocha and it'll be far more useful.

    Todo for the iPad Review

    iPad App - Designed for iPad
    By Ryan Wood on May 26th, 2010
    Our rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar ::
    Todo for iPad provides all the great functionality that it's smaller counterpart did, fully utilizing the additional size of the iPad to provide enhanced features. This mixed with the great sync features continue to set Todo ahead of the task management c
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    Appigo Todo Released for the iPad

    Posted by Jeff Scott on May 11th, 2010
    iPad App - Designed for iPad
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    Appigo Todo, one of our favorite iPhone todo applications has been released for the iPad. This version supports all of the great functionality of the iPhone version with an enhanced display to take advantage of the extra screen area.

    Appigo Todo for the iPad includes the great syncing functionality of the iPhone version. Meaning that you can keep your iPad, iPhone, and desktop all in sync. Fantastic feature. Looks like Appigo have decided to go with the familiar datebook design for the app. While it's something that is familiar to many, and certainly something that matches with Apple's own Calendar app, I hope to see more advanced view options in the future. Possibly a power users view.

    As it is now, Appigo Todo is a fantastically functional todo / GTD app and the best one available for the iPad by a mile. The added benefit of being able to keep iPhone, iPad, and desktop in sync is icing on the cake.

    Appigo Todo for the iPad is available on the App Store now at an introductory price of $4.99.

    Contest: We also have 2 copies to give away. Check our Twitter stream @148Apps for details later today.

    Corkulous for iPad First Look

    Posted by Jeff Scott on April 19th, 2010
    + Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

    Seems like one of the standard apps that developers came up with for the iPad has been that of a cork board. A simple place to put notes / reminders / etc. But most of the ones I've seen have been very barebones and simple. And quite honestly, rather uninspired. That is, until Corkulous from Appigo.

    Corkulous shows what seasoned application developers can do with a simple idea. Taking the idea of a cork board and thinking about how people would use it and what extra features they would need.

    You can attach not only post-it like notes to the board but also short text clips, images, even contacts. All great ways to attach bits and pieces that make up a board to keep track of things you need to get done or remember. New items can easily be added by grabbing the item you want to add from the drawer at the bottom of the screen. Items can easily be aligned by watching for the on screen guides that automatically pop up when you are lined up with other items -- a thoughtful touch.

    Not only can you attach these information bits, but you can also embed other cork boards. So that on one cork board you can have a little icon that allows you to go to a whole new cork board. A great idea -- and infinitely expandable. Though be careful, you could easily get lost in a sea of cork boards!

    You can also email screenshots of parts of your cork board to anyone from inside the app. And you can export PDFs of your whole cork board too.

    There are a few things we'd love to see with this app. For one, I'd love to see an iPhone version too. And have the ability to keep all of my cork boards in sync. Would also love to see synchronized sharing done with other users on a single cork board. That would be fantastic.

    Corkulous is a great app with great potential. Appigo aren't going to stop here, they have a great foundation, I can't wait to see where they go this this fantastic app. But even as it stands now, it's a great app and a great way to organize thoughts quickly.



    + Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
    By Gary Lucero on March 2nd, 2009
    Our rating: starstarstarstarblankstar :: ABOVE AVERAGE
    If you aren't satisfied with the iPhone's built-in note pad, and you are connected to the Internet most of the time, you can really benefit from Notespark's constant syncing. There are a myriad of apps to consider though, and many are far better than this
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    Appigo Todo

    iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
    By Gary Lucero on January 21st, 2009
    Our rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar :: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
    Appigo Todo is a task management app with a streamlined user interface. It includes ways to tag and otherwise set todo items apart, robust search and filtering, and is augmented by several synchronization options as well as tight integration with Appigo N
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