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Will Your Pet Make the Cut? Buzzfeed's Cute or Not is Here to Decide

Posted by Jessica Fisher on February 26th, 2015
iPhone & Apple Watch App - Designed for iPhone and Apple Watch, compatible with iPad

BuzzFeed, the masters of hilarious lists, have created their second app: Cute or Not. The app lets you upload photos of your pets and vote for your favorites from thousands of photos. You can swipe right or left to view all the most adorable pets on the internet, and with the power of the mighty voting finger you can decide their fate. Will they become a highly voted, viral sensation or a long forgotten cuddle bug of the past. You decide.

You can also share your favorites with friends and family with the social functions and earn badges to proudly display.

Download Cute or Not for free on the app store and let squeak (or bark, or hiss, etc) the pets of war!

Play With a Purpose - EA Joins the Pack With the World Wildlife Foundation to Help Save Animals

Posted by Jessica Fisher on January 16th, 2015

EA and the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) are partnering up from now until January 31 to raise money for animals and ecosystems in an effort called Play With a Purpose. The pair will be offering special items and bundle packs that showcases an endangered animal or ecosystem. 35% of the net proceeds will go to support WWF global conservation efforts.

The list of games include:

  • Rhino & Madden NFL Mobile: Although there is no scientific proof of its medical value, rhino horn is highly prized in traditional Asian medicine. Illegal killing of Rhinos for horns has severely threatened their population. Supporting with the WWF Rhino Pack of 5 players.

  • Poison Dart Frog & Theme Park: The Amazonian poison dart frog uses its brightly colored skin to warn predators that it is unfit to eat. Climate change and habitat loss threaten their survival. Supporting with the WWF Poison Dart Frog Bundle.

  • Snow Leopard & Tetris Blitz: Inhabiting Central Asia and the Himalayas, snow leopards are threatened by habitat loss, diminished food supply, hunting for illegal wildlife trade, and revenge killings by herders. Supporting with the WWF Bundle.

  • Sumatran Tiger & Bejeweled Blitz: Fewer than 400 Sumatran tigers exist on the island of Sumatra. Accelerating deforestation and rampant poaching mean this noble creature could end up extinct. Supporting with the 270,000 Coins pack.

  • Emperor Penguin & MONOPOLY Slots: Known as the “giant of the penguins”, an adult can grow up to four feet in height and weigh 80 pounds. Climate change and habitat loss pose the greatest risks to these remarkable birds. Supporting with the WWF Pack.

  • Forests & Plants vs. Zombies 2: Over the past 50 years, about half the world’s original forest cover has been lost. The most significant cause for this is human deforestation. Supporting with the Sap-fling Reforestation Bundle.

  • Arctic Hare & Peggle Blast: The arctic hare lives in the tundra of the Arctic islands and faces threats from habitat loss and climate change. Supporting with the Master-activating Green Power Peg.

  • You can visit www.ea.com/wwf for more details, and to learn more about the WWF visit www.panda.org.

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    National Geographic Releases Look & Learn: Animals Vol 1

    Posted by Jennifer Allen on May 22nd, 2012
    + Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

    National Geographic has just released a new bundle of educational apps for iOS, aimed at young children.

    The bundle, Look & Learn: Animals Vol. 1, includes Animal Bounce, Animal Match and Animal Words. Each title encourages children to discover more about the natural world through some great animal sounds and age-appropriate games. Throughout, the kind of photography we've all come to expect from National Geographic continues the beguiling theme.

    Animal Bounce is focused on learning animal names and sounds, while Animal Match involves matching the animal to its shape. Animal Words teaches name recognition and basic alphabet skills. Each should be great fun for little ones.

    The app is optimized for the new iPad but works just as well for iPhone and iPod Touch. It's all designed to tie in well with the National Geographic learning books series for preschoolers.

    Look & Learn: Animals Vol. 1 is out now, priced at $2.99. It's an Universal app.