FREEday 4/13/12 - "This is What I Call FREEdom"

Posted by Rob Rich on April 13th, 2012

There are some exciting freebies to check out this week. Some real good stuff if I do say so myself. World-traveling resort-builders, badguy castle defense, scratch-off ticket lotteries for fantasy creatures (more on that later), etc. I’d say it’s a pretty enticing list. So why not have a sit down, grab up some free games, and have a fun-filled weekend? Well, an app-filled weekend, anyway.

Aero Vacation - We’re all no doubt familiar with running our own resorts/hotels/whatevers. Making the tiny people happy and all that. But doing all of that on a giant airship as it sails around the world? Awesome idea! I mean seriously, it’s like the perfect twist to the formula.

Big Win Hockey - Free Hockey! With fully-customizable teams, a CCG-style system of unlocks, game-changing special cards, Daily trophies, and even light RPG elements. Even as someone who isn’t all that into hockey I find this fantastic.

StickWars 3 - The sticks are back and out for blood! And rightly so seeing as the evil King Maelnik has been after them for at least two other games now. This time things are a little different. This time players are in control of Maelnik and his horde. Lots of necromancy and zombies. Good stuff.

Virtual Villagers: Origins - Seeing as this is something of a popular iOS series, I’d think a free-to-play iteration would be noteworthy. And look at that, it’s been noted! So yeah, enjoy.

Battle Kingdom - Building a fantasy kingdom is coo. Expanding it and messing around with armies for attack and defense is nice too. But what’s really sweet is the Dragon Lottery. Yes, Dragon Lottery. With scratch-off tickets. Download now, thank me later.