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The 5 Best Mobile Games like Divinity - Original Sin 2

Posted by Campbell Bird on May 21st, 2021
iPad App - Designed for iPad

Divinity - Original Sin 2 has hit the App Store, promising an uncompromised rpg experience on mobile. In order to play it though, the system requirements are pretty demanding and there are some quirks about the game in its launch state that make it far from accessible.

With that in mind, here’s a list of fantastic games that can deliver much of what Original Sin 2 promises, but without asking you to clear out enough device storage or ponder outright buying a brand new tablet. As a bonus, you could purchase all of these games for just under the asking price of Original Sin 2. Read on below to hear about our picks!

Plants vs. Zombies 2 Gets Huge Content Update Packing 24 New Levels, 8 New Plants, and 10 New Zombies

Posted by Stephen Hall on March 28th, 2014
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Our rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar :: FANTASTIC FREEMIUM FUN :: Read Review »

The well-reviewed sequel to one of the most well-reviewed mobile games of all time has received a huge content update, packing 24 new levels, 8 new plants, and 10 new zombies for even more lawn-fighting fun. This update to Plants vs. Zombies 2 transports players to the "Far-Future World," where your lawn isn't actually a lawn; apparently grass doesn't exist in the future. And apparently our lawn mowers will look like classic cars.

The new levels in this update are themed to look like a futuristic world, while the update's new plants have science-fiction names (like Laser Bean, Infi-Nut, and Star-Fruit) and feature science-fiction zombie-fighting capabilities. The new zombies are equally as futuristic, and that makes them just that much more terrifying. Also included in this update is the Zen Garden from the first game, which allows you to power up your plants.

You can get Plants vs. Zombies 2 on the App Store for free.

Crash Bandicoot Available Now On iPhone With New Features And Multiplayer

Posted by Ben Harvell on June 16th, 2010
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

If you loved the madcap adventures of Crash and friends in Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D, you’ll be excited to hear that a sequel is now available that replaces the 3D in the title with a 2. Not only that, but a new adventure awaits players as well as the introduction of some much needed multiplayer action for up to four players, likely timed to coincide with Apple’s upcoming Game Center service.

The sequel to one of the first console-to-iPhone ports asks a pretty steep $9.99 and weighs in at 71.8MB but has so far been receiving positive press. Some reviewers have mentioned a few bugs, however, but these will hopefully be ironed out in the next update.

From what we’ve seen, CBNK2’s graphics look great and all the features of the original are retained with some great new options to boot. With any luck, we’ll be seeing iPad versions of Activision games coming to the App Store soon as well.

[itmsapp: 373849969 ]

New Screenshots of Tweetie 2.0 for iPhone

Posted by Arron Hirst on September 30th, 2009

I just received these on Twitter a few minutes ago, from Jonah Grant. He assures me he has had confirmation from Loren himself that screenshots of the new upcoming app are okay to be leaked, due to the cat already being out of the bag. So, here goes nothing! ..

All in all there are 11 shots in this batch, a few of which depict more of what we can expect from the update. Most noticeably I think, is the fact that Tweetie's 'Nearby' feature is now in fact an interactive map of nearby users. From the shot we can tell that the UI is not too dissimilar to Loopt, and you can switch from 'Map' to 'List' view.

Images Courtesy of Jonah Grant

You'll also see they depict a new way to refresh your timeline. From the shots it suggests that you pull a 'panel' down from the top of Tweetie 2, and release to refresh - Pretty neat implementation I have to say. Now whether or not Tweetie will have a 'Automatic' refresh option is yet to be seen, but I know you guys sure want it, looking at my replies tab on Twitter.

Update: Tweet update... "Automatic" refresh will be included.

Update 2: This morning I asked Loren of behalf of all of you, that burning question; Would Tweetie 2 bring with it Push Notifications? Below is his response via a few DMs:

"Not in 2.0. It's impossible to pull off reliably on the scale of users Tweetie has. I recommend Boxcar for now. (but there is some exciting stuff coming down the pipe ;)"

I've attached the rest of the shots after the break for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Tweetie 2.0 for iPhone Is On Its Way!

Posted by Arron Hirst on September 28th, 2009

I'll admit it, I'm a HUGE Tweetie fan. The brains behind it? Loren Brichter.

What was arguably the most hyped twitter client, and what now is deemed to be the twitter client choice for iPhone, of many, Tweetie has been sitting pretty for a while now. After winning an Apple Design Award in 2009 for 'Outstanding Innovation and Design', Tweetie has gone from strength to strength. But it hasn't all been buttercups and roses. Lately, the word surrounding Tweetie was that it had fallen behind. It had become invisible, due to competition. It lacked the awesome'ness of this, and the necessity of that.

Today, this all changes. After teasing us for almost all of the day on Twitter, Loren finally came clean; announcing via his stream that Tweetie 2 for iPhone had been in development for some time, and that it would bring Tweetie back into the foreground again - for all of the reasons you fell in love with Tweetie 1.0.

Britcher explained that Tweetie 2 had been in beta for a few months now, and after 8 beta versions, the product originally codenamed 'Bigbird' throughout the beta phases was finally ready to be submitted to Apple. In fact, it has been submitted... late last night. Britcher says the final version is ready, and he'll all being well submit the app later this week. We just have to hope Apple and it's seemingly temperamental approval process makes Tweetie 2's debut a quick a painless one.

So, what can you expect from this major update? Well, quite a lot actually. For starters you'll now find threaded conversations. Just like Tweetie for Mac, you'll be able to see just who thought your tweet was cool, what they said, and what other people said afterwards. Next? Tab bar notifications. Since the introduction of Tweetie for Mac, users of Tweetie really wanted to see this functionality comes to the iPhone. Now, it has. Saved searches. Not content with how they function now, in Tweetie 2 Britcher says saved searches will 'sync' back up to the upcoming Tweetie for Mac 2 desktop version.

Now come'on. Be honest. Were you a fan of the compose screen? Well, you might like it a little more now. In Tweetie 2 the compose screen has been completely overhauled. Adding options for an @people picker, recent hashtags, multiple attachments manager and a "peek" gesture for when replying to a tweet.

Images courtesy of Chicago Now

You'll also probably be glad to hear this version will support full landscape mode, and a load more features including: the ability to edit your own Twitter profile, vastly improved gesture shortcuts, in-app rich-text email, new-style retweet support (supposedly to support the upcoming Twitter update), the option to refresh-all on launch, TextExpander support, "read it later" integration, auto-complete recent searches, auto-complete go-to-user, improved avatar caching, inline Twitlonger, reply chain list view, preview short urls, tweet translation and the ability to block and follow from multiple accounts, at once.

There is one tiny niggle, and that is Tweetie 2 will be an entirely new app to what will now be referred to as Tweetie 1. Although, you won't have to pay through your nose to get it. In fact, quite the opposite!

In his own words:

"Making a “2.0” could have been easy. I could have changed the version number, added video tweeting and called it a day. Other apps call that “2.0” - I think it’s lame. Tweetie 1 set a new standard for Twitter clients and iPhone apps in general. It proved that you didn’t have to sacrifice intuitiveness for functionality. Today we have iPhone OS 3.0, 3GS, and new Twitter APIs. Tweetie 2 is built from the ground up to take advantage of these fantastic new technologies.

Tweetie 2 for Mac will be a completely free upgrade. (So if you haven’t already grabbed a license, feel free to do so). On the other hand, Tweetie 2 for iPhone will be a whole new app. And while it’s arguably worth a lot more, I’m keeping the price exactly the same: $2.99."

Hopefully if Britcher is lucky, we could see Tweetie 2 hit the App Store inside 2 weeks, but I wouldn't hold your breath on that. All we can rest on is that it will soon be in submission, and it's fate will rest solely in the hands of Apple. I for one, can't wait to get my hands on this.