FrEEday Vol 35

Posted by Chris Nitz on February 25th, 2011

It is time for another day of hiding from the boss, forgetting the cover sheet for TPS reports, and gaming at your desk. If you suffer the horrid computer security policies that lock down your work computer from flash games, you could always turn to some free games on iOS to burn the work day away. Let’s get you started with a few new games:

Shadow Era:
A free card flopping game with fantastic art is finally here! Choose a human hero, and take on the campaign with a starter deck. Take on an AI opponent, or better yet, destroy friends in some multiplayer action. All progress, cards, and decks are saved to an online server. This means you can easily play a favorite deck no matter what iOS device you play on. With new cards in the works, this just may be the best card game on iOS yet.

Nachos Maker:
Time to hone up your nacho making skills, minus all the mess and calories. Nachos Maker is exactly what it sounds like - a virtual nacho bar. Choose from a variety of chip sizes, styles, and types. Next, pile on the beans and meat. Top off the virtual nachos with a variety of cheeses and toppings. Once the mouthwatering goodness is constructed, share it with friends via Facebook or email. Dang; now I’m hungry.

Stripe Physics:
Stripe Physics is a simple physics based puzzle game. The main goal is to get a red ball onto a platform by using different objects in each stage. These objects will interact with the ball differently thanks to varying physical characteristics. It is simple, yet addictive. And free.

Frog Toss!:
Time to take a step back to the good old days of amusement park style games. The goal in Frog Toss is to pitch a frog into rotating Lily Pads. Unlike the physical game, this virtual rendition contains five different power-ups to aid players in their frog pitching abilities. Too bad there isn't a way to munch on some frog legs while you play this game.

WackaMonsta brings on a bit of customization to the match three style game. The game starts by having players choose a monster from a variety of freaks. The chosen monster is then used to spit colored bubbles in hopes of matching three of the same colors together. Coins are awarded for mad matching skills. These coins are then used to customize the monster with mystical hats of mad powers. Sometimes, it is all about the accessories!