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Our Review by Christine Morris on October 9th, 2009
Rating: starstarstarhalfstarblankstar :: COMPLEX
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Cracking strategy game with plenty of options & multiplayer supported in tonnes of ways. Why it would be so difficult for them to put a tutorial with the game, I'll never know, and unless you invest in reading their website on how to play, good luck even

Developer: Jemast Software
Price: $2.99
Version Reviewed: 1.0

Graphics / Sound [rating:4/5]
Game Controls [rating:3/5]
Gameplay [rating:3/5]

Re-use / Replay Value [rating:3/5]

Overall Rating: starstarstarhalfstarblankstar

Wargame is described as a next-gen strategy game, developed for the iPhone/iPod Touch. It is a turn-by-turn game with several different styles of game play.

There are some really great, similar games out there such as the Lux games. These Risk style games are not new, but can this game offer us something that we haven't seen before or keep us entertained and excited for a long time? I played Lux for days on end and loved it, so I was keen to see if this game could captivate me in the same way. (Especially world dominance!)

What's good about this game...

Well, you basically select your country and enroll your troops to start. When you click on your country there is a side bar that opens and reveals some options for you. Instead of just buying basic troop units, you are allowed to buy troops, planes, missiles, ships, and commandos... something that seems to be unique for the genre.

It takes a bit of figuring out but once you do it's far more in depth then similar types of games.

You really will need to zoom in as you play because your troops / types of troops are on your country to give you a good visual reminder of what you have rather then clicking on the information button all the time.

The overall play does become extremely addictive. You can do so much more in this game then the other ones released of similar nature making it feel far more involved than just a typical Risk style game.

Some features of the game...

  • There are six factions that you can play with (U.S.A., Soviet Union, European Federation, The Great Reich, The Great Khalifa and Empire of the Sun)

  • There are loads of different objectives (Master of the World, King of Petroleum, Destroyer of Faction…) Over twenty!

  • Also, deep strategy management. You will take control of over 80 countries, you can build factories and defense systems, there are troops (soldiers, ships, aircraft, missiles, commandos and spies) to deploy and unique special upgrades to get.

  • There is also the chance to build the *ultimate* upgrade of your faction to achieve supreme power! I like Super Power! (Project Manhattan, Pact of Moscow…)

  • There is a rank system as well so there is constant motivation within the game.

  • The multiplayer system is great if you have six friends who have the game and want to fight with you. This can be done with Bluetooth, WiFi, or Direct IP on the Internet. You could also just set the players as manuel on the device and pass one iPhone / iTouch around to all your friends too.

Some of the bad things about this game...

HELP?! Erm you load the game and have no idea what the heck to do. I clicked everywhere, and on all buttons, and still was completely confused. I had no idea how to start at all. Maybe it means their game takes less space and loads faster, I have no idea, but folks - if we don't know how to play your game - we ain't gonna play it!

I decided to log on to their site and this was a wealth of information and a video tutorial on how to play. There is also a forum to help you or discuss the game. They really need to include a link on their opening screen though on how to play, it's just insane not to.

Once you read up, and I kept the information opened in my browser while I played the first time as a reminder how it all works, then it's fine.

[youtube nDrwG17c0-M]

Overall if you put in the effort then you will be rewarded, but c'mon Jemast, epic fail on no tutorial for a game this complex! I'll confess that I wrestled a lot with rating this game. I can't understand why any product has no guide if it needs one, and so for that I would give it a really low rating, but, the fact is once you do get in and understand the game play it's actually a cracking game!

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