Verb Challenge Spanish Review
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Verb Challenge Spanish Review

Our Review by Jennifer Allen on October 30th, 2013
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Learning how to conjugate verbs is dull, but Verb Challenge Spanish makes it much more interesting.

Developer: Chido Games
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Version Reviewed: 1.0
Device Reviewed On: iPhone 5

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Learning how to conjugate verbs is possibly the most tedious thing about learning a new language. It's frequently tough to make it interesting while also remaining educational. That is until one plays a game such as Verb Challenge Spanish. It's bright and vibrant, and immediately makes learning such a dull thing much more entertaining.

It's worth immediately pointing out that knowing some basic Spanish is handy when playing Verb Challenge Spanish, even though the app suggests that it's not essential. A tutorial is tucked away behind a menu or two, also ensuring that the first five minutes of playing is a little odd. In reality, Verb Challenge Spanish makes a lot of sense; assuming one knows some basic Spanish.

Kind of like a language-based Match-3 game, play is dictated by a screen full of tiles. Each tile is colored and has a word written on it, with the purpose being to combine such tiles to create grammatically correct sentences. At the bottom of the screen, the sentence created turns green when accurate or red when it's just a jumble of tiles. It's simple to play with further information provided through double-tapping on a tile for a definition and explanation of the tenses. Crucially, Verb Challenge Spanish makes learning such a dull thing quite fun.

Besides the Classic mode, players can opt to create their own levels - implementing the verbs that they most need to learn, - proving ideal just before a test. It's also possible to consult a chart detailing each verb covered without any need to play a level or two of the game first.

Learning through play is a well-established way of doing things, and Verb Challenge Spanish certainly achieves that. It could do with a better tutorial, but otherwise it's a great app for those trying to discover a new language.

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