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Posted by Amy Solomon on June 6th, 2013
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With great enthusiasm, I would like to introduce readers to the new interactive book, The Poppin Princess.

This is a marvelously crafted tale, unique in how this storyline is played out, yet also grounded with classic fairytale elements from stories such as Cinderella or The Princess and the Pea to create a perfect new story that children and adults will adore.

The look of this app is lovingly stylized, with bold colors and perfectly realized illustrations to create the world of this kingdom, said to be “elegant, refined and sophisticated” - words I would use to describe the look of this storybook as a whole, yet also including a modern, almost indie quality as well.

The included music is of an equally high quality, and I am happy to report that the interactions also hit all the right notes, adding to the humor and richness of this story with nothing loud or distracting.

This is the classic story of a prince in need of a mate and of how his parents, the queen and king, test lady suitors to see who is appropriate to become royalty.

I appreciate how I was drawn into this tale, as I became smitten by the cheeky details surrounding Lou, Princess of the Wind, as in time, readers will understand that flatulence has a large part to play in this story, as gassy foods are fed to ladies who are looking to become princess to see how they handle such situations.

Yes, this story includes fart jokes and may not be suitable for all families because of this, but it is impressive how even these moments are handled with grace, making this a lovely story for all but the very most squeamish of families.

I do also enjoy how Lou is in some ways an everywoman, winning the prince's heart while being both quirky as well as regal in her own special way, reminding me how Helena Bonham Carter might be illustrated for a children’s storybook.

Other details I am impressed by is the inter-racial relationship between the blond-haired, blue-eyed queen and the darker skinned non-Caucasian king, with race never made mention of but definitely an item that children will notice.

It is worth noting that this is a French app that includes both French and English versions. There is an option of hearing an excellent narrator who, although having an accent to American ears, does a wonderful job reading this story. Children also have the chance to read along, as the text can be seen if one taps a piece of paper with a wax seal to see this paper unfold, displaying the text of this story, adding to the royal tone as well.

A menu of pages is also available if one pulls down the tea bag at the top right of the screen, indicative of how well every detail has been crafted.

There is an obvious amount of love that has gone into the Poppin Princess, placing it on the short list of favorite storybooks of mine to date - high praise to be sure.

I do hope my mention of the fart jokes has not turned off readers, as this is presented with more sophistication that I have probably expressed. It is delightful in every way - hard to explain really, but I want readers to experience this story for themselves as I did the first time.

I have noticed through iTunes that this story has not yet received any reviews or an average rating, making me wonder if not many families are currently aware of this title. It would be a shame if this beautiful tale fell through the cracks and did not get the recognition it so greatly deserves. For this reason, I highly recommend that families check out The Poppin Princess.

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