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Supertype review

Our Review by Emily Sowden on May 2nd, 2018
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Supertype isn't the word game you expected, but that's kind-of wonderful

Developer: Kamiibox

Price: £1.99/$1.99
Version: 1.1
App Reviewed on: iPad Pro

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Overall Rating: starstarstarhalfstarblankstar

You'd think Supertype is a word game and you'd be right in a way. It's got words in it, but they don't exactly work how you expect them to.

That's in no way a bad thing. Rather, the game breathes a breath of fresh air into a saturated genre with mixed success. Is it fun? Yes. Does the fun last? That depends on how many levels you play in a row.

Drip drip drop

Supertype is a word puzzler where you solve simply laid-out challenges by using your words. Or rather, by using your letters. Type out a solution and watch the letters drop into frame before slotting into place.

As you progress through the levels a few new mechanics are introduced, like line-drawing, gravity-reversing blocks, and dots that need to be covered at the same time. Sure, it's simple, but also effective, and what it offers up it does really well.

The performance is silky smooth with sharp, inviting graphics that don't detract from the nature of the gameplay. On occasion the background can be a little bit busy depending on the pattern Kamiibox has used, but it's never an issue.

supertype review screenshot 1

The game also has a rather delightful soundtrack that fits nicely with the short, unhurried gameplay. It's not particularly memorable since it's self-generating, but that doesn't matter a lick.

What's really impressive is the general idea of the game. With letters like 'l' and 'o' it's easy to imagine what their function would be, however adding physics into the mix makes things way more interesting.

There are moments of awe when a 'c' catches and flicks around a ledge, an 'm' bridges a gap, or the dot of an 'i' rolls off to complete the task, that make you realise how brilliant it is.

It also encourages you to imagine what properties the letters could take and how they'd perform when dropped into frame. I can't say I've ever thought about the direction a 'p' would fall, but you learn something new every day.

Little April letters

That's not saying the game is perfect. No, it has a few shortcomings that make the experience less fun in the long run.

The puzzles are only fun and clever if you're controlled enough to resist spamming out a bunch of letters until something works. With no move restrictions and a rather generous letter count, you don't have anything stopping you from doing so.

supertype review screenshot 2

There's also little replay value to be had here aside from playing the game over again for your own reasons. Your only task is to complete the levels. There's no specific time to do it in or to aim for.

That could be an upside or a downside depending on your gaming preferences, though. It's a totally chill and wonderfully zen experience which is ideal to have on your phone, and an absolute steal at its current price.

With over 100 levels available it's worth every penny and while its experience isn't the deepest, it's an enjoyable ride to take nonetheless.

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