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Put Things Off

Our Review by Kevin Stout on June 5th, 2009
Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar :: SPEEDY
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If you're looking for complexity and options in a To Do app, Put Things Off probably isn't the direction you want to go. But if speed and simplicity interests you, Put Things off has got plenty of both.

Developer: Pocket Jam
Price: $2.99
Version Reviewed: 1.0.1  

Visuals [rating:4/5]
iPhone Integration [rating:4/5]
User Interface [rating:5/5]
Re-use / Replay Value [rating:3.5/5]

Overall Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar

After using Things for a few weeks (review coming soon), Put Things Off was a huge look in another direction. Instead of a lot of different features, notes, choice of lists, and other things you might find in a To Do app, Put Things Off offers you a stripped down To Do app for the sake of speed and simplicity. As a result, this review will be quite speedy and simple.

Immediately I realized that this app would be great for someone who doesn't want to spend time creating an organized list - it's for people who want to quickly write notes to themselves and then forget about them until they open up the app again. Need to call Tom when you get home? Just hit the plus sign, type "Call Tom", press "due date" and today will already be preselected, and click save. That's it. You can forget about it until you get home later and check your "Today" box. Get home and decide you want to call Tom tomorrow? Go to the note in the Today box, click the "Put Off" symbol, and forget about it again - you can set the amount of days you "Put Things Off" in settings (easily accessible by tapping the gear in the top right corner). If at any point you'd like to move a note from the Inbox or Put Off box to the Today box, click the star. Finished with a task? Click the check mark - yep thats it. You can view your completely tasks in the "Done" box and if you'd like to get rid of some clutter in that box double tap the trash can for a note you'd like to delete. This app is by far the simplest and quickest way to create notes and lists. It boots up in about 1.5 seconds, switching between boxes is almost instant as well as creating notes.

Problems, Wishes, and Misses

Problems. The only problem I encountered was fixed before the app was even released. So I give a round of applause for no problems.

Wishes. I honestly hate the wooden background. It just isn't aesthetically pleasing. I would suggest either changing the theme to something not brown and wooden or to give a choice of themes. That's the only reason I gave the Visuals rating a 4, I like everything else about the way it looks.

Misses. Nothing. This app has no features that are useless or "missed" in my opinion.

I would suggest this app for anyone who is looking for a To Do app. If you need something with some more organization and options then go for something else, but according to an email conversation I had with the developer - tags or something like it is on it's way. Also as a note, Put Things Off has a responsive and dedicated developer. I realized a bug shortly after downloading his pre-release of the app that his beta testers missed. I informed him of the problem, he immediately attempted to diagnose my problem, fixed the problem and submitted an update to Apple. He postponed the release of this app by a few days so that the new version with the bug fix would be the first version presented to his buyers. Expect quick bug fixes and great content in later updates with this application.

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