Pocket God Comics Review
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Pocket God Comics Review

Our Review by Bonnie Eisenman on August 11th, 2010
Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar :: SHORT BUT SWEET
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Pocket God Comics' first issue is a little short, but the art is great and the story sheds light on the backstory of the game. Oh, and lots of pygmies die. Naturally.

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Version Reviewed: 1.0

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Pocket God is famous. I think that's fair to say, given that the little app has seen over three million paid downloads over its long life. Pocket God started as a simple island with some pygmy inhabitants. Later episodes added minigames and content, but the draw remains the same: killing and torturing the pygmies!

Pocket God Comics stars those same pygmies, though now they've got distinct personalities. I'm not always a fan of spin-offs, but you know what? The references to the game in the story, combined with its the comic's own merits, ensure that any Pocket God fan will enjoy it.

The app currently contains just the first issue of the comic. So far, Bolt has a four-issue miniseries planned, and the story focuses on the question: exactly how and why are the pygmies immortal? What brings them back to life each time they die? Additionally, one of the pygmies starts demanding why they follow the whims of gods who so obviously like to torture them. (Er...)

Throughout the first issue, the pygmies die and are reborn numerous times, just as in the app. Fans will recognize the methods -- fire ants, sharks, meteors -- there's pygmy death a-plenty!

The app itself uses iVerse's comics app as a basis, so you can view panels in either portrait mode and then zoom in; or in landscape mode, where panels are displayed one by one. Later issues will be available via in-app purchase. The comic itself is well-done, especially the art -- though at 20-ish pages, it is a little short. As a bonus, it's a universal app, so iPhone and iPad owners alike can enjoy a version optimized for their device.

Overall, Pocket God Comics is a great companion to a hugely popular game. The art is very well done, the story sheds light on the main app, and $0.99 is still dirt cheap for a comic issue. Oh, and you will be able to buy print copies, too, in the near future. If you're a Pocket God fan, this is an app you need to check out.

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