Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Paint and Play HD Review
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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Paint and Play HD Review

Our Review by Amy Solomon on August 13th, 2013
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Color in areas of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with a variety of art supplies for fun 3-D effects.

Developer: Disney
Price: $4.99
Version: 1.1
App Reviewed on: iPad 3

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Overall Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Paint and Play HD is a unique and fun coloring book app that helps children explore 2D and 3D animation. An iPhone version of this app is also available. This application consists of the classic Disney characters Mickey and Minnie Mouse who star in three separate areas of this app, each including various objects which can be painted.

When this app opens up for the first time, children will notice three rooms from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - starkly white and without color yet nicely decorated with many props and other objects that one would expect from fully furnished rooms as well as an outdoor scene. These areas - the living room, kitchen, and garden - each include many details that one would expect; be it easy chair or shelf, counter or cupboard, trees and flowers - all in need of some creative color. One can even add personal touches to Mickey and Minnie as well - a nice feature that I really enjoy.

Once an item is selected to color in, do scroll through the very nice variety of tools that one can use to paint with; including a small and large paintbrush and markers, a crayon, pencil and chalk, as well as some fantasy tools including the Mouseke brush that will re-create the original “correct” color of an object when used. Also included are a splatter brush, spray paint, interesting textures of a golf ball, sponge and comb as well as glitter, puzzle pieces, stickers, patterns, and arts and crafts such as pasta or buttons as well as number and letters. A variety of colors, prints, and textures are incorporated within these choices, making the ability to color in these objects limitless. It is also nice that one does not have to worry about staying within the border of these objects, as they will pop from 2D to their 3D image with crisp lines, translating these colorings into dimensional images for a great effect that both my son and I have fun with.

Also be aware that one can use the iPad’s camera to take a picture, capturing a color and texture to be used as the backdrop for a prop as well - a wonderful choice for children who want to get really creative with this charming coloring book. I appreciate the fanfare included during the transformation from 2D to 3D as a special magic wand is touched and then a puff of purple smoke appears as the newly painted object turns into a 3D shape before one’s eyes and is then brought back to the room or landscape that one is working on.

Do tap the different painted objects found in these spaces as Mickey or Minnie will in-turn move to and interact with these items. My five year old son and I find it equally fascinating to see Mickey or Minnie interact with the surroundings that had been decorated with our chosen colors and details, noting how they would translate from the 2-D seen while coloring to their new 3D canvas.

Another special feature is the ability to mix colors as one decorates cupcakes in the kitchen scene, as children tap with buttons of the cupcake-decorating machine to create custom-colored frosting and sprinkles.

I appreciate how Mickey narrates the color combinations to show what happens when one mixes yellow and red as well as colors beyond simple secondary mixes like lavender, brown, or tan.

The living room also offers a related activity as one can choose to either play music on the Mousekemusic Player or to make one’s own recordings, but children are unable to record the music this machine can play, a single missed opportunity within this app.

Even with this note, this coloring book is certainly something a little new and different from many other coloring apps that one can find in the iTunes store. It can be hard to keep my boy occupied with other art apps as he oftentimes is working on more advanced building applications with this screen time, so it is high praise - to be sure - that my son has absconded with our iPad to continue coloring after I showed him this app.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Paint & Play HD is a bright and colorful application with some relaxing yet upbeat music included as well. The voices of Mickey and Minnie add a lot of charm to this app as well, all around creating an application that is very easy to recommend.

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